Two of Pentacles Card Meaning

Two of Pentacles_photo

Two of Pentacles is usually depicted as two coins. The card may also present with an infinity sign, or with two ships- depending on the type of deck that you are using. Like all cards in the Pentacles suit, the two of pentacles are connected to the earth and are rooted in the material world.


Upright: Adaptation, balancing resources, flexibility

Reversed: Messiness, chaos, overextending

Upright Meaning

When seen upright, the Two of Pentacles is focused on finding the balance within your material world. Whether it is career, love, or money, figuring out ways to take a step back and find perspective on the situation may be best. While it’s tempting to multitask, this may not be the best time. Instead, address each troubling factor and find your balance.  

Reversed Meaning

When seen in reverse, the card warns you about trying to juggle too many things. Maybe you’re taking on too much at work or getting involved in too many things at school. Whatever the case, the Two of Pentacles reversed reminds you to take breaks. 

Two of Pentacles in a Love Reading

Upright: When seen in a love reading, the Two of Pentacles encourages you to take the time and examine your relationship vs other parts of your life. Figure out whether or not the relationship, or potential for having a relationship, is something that’s important to you at this time. If there are other things taking priority, just be honest with your partner.

Reversed: Seeing Two of Pentacles in reverse in a love reading means that you may be neglecting your love life because something else has taken greater priority. If you’re already in a relationship, your partner might feel neglected but isn’t speaking about the issue. If you’re single, it’s possible that you may need to choose between two guys.  

Two of Pentacles in a Career Reading

Upright: Seeing Two of Pentacles in a career reading may be a sign that you have too much to juggle at work. Maybe times are hectic and you’re finding that you’re getting stuck with a lot of responsibility to compensate. On the other hand, maybe you are volunteering for too much with the goal of career advancement.  
Reversed: When Two of Pentacles turns up reversed in a career reading, you are definitely taking on too much at work. You need to prioritize self-care before you burn out and have things fall through the cracks.

Two of Pentacles in Finances

Upright: When seen upright, the Two of Pentacles indicates that you may be juggling a lot when it comes to finances. The card may also point to an important upcoming decision that revolves around money.

Reversed: Two of Pentacles reversed in a reading about finances means that your current situation is precarious. It’s time to come up with an actionable plan that helps ensure a more stable future. This might involve creating a budget or asking for a raise.

Two of Pentacles yes/no

It is a card of seduction on the one hand and hesitation and indecision on the other. The meaning of it lies in finding a balance between the spiritual and physical aspects of our wants and needs. Therefore, it is very difficult to get an exact answer yes or no, because this sign has a lot of ambiguities. One aspect of this card is that a person is flexible and easily adapts to the current reality, which allows one efficiently to cope with a variety of problems that arise along the way to the goal. However, it is not the time to relax, and you need to understand that the desire to manage all things at the same time, without setting priorities, will most likely lead to a waste of energy and ultimately determine the failure of the started project. Try to abandon things of secondary importance and focus on the main thing. The Two of Pentacles can talk about the need to make difficult, but vital decisions, without which it becomes impossible to grow.

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