Nine of Pentacles Card Meaning

Nine of Pentacles_photo

The nine of pentacles typically depicts a person, usually a woman, in the middle of a vineyard. The person is in a luxurious dress and appears to be wealthy. The wines behind her depict nine golden coins. In some instances, a falcon may be perched on the woman’s arm or shoulder.

As an earth suit, the pentacles are connected to the material realm including physical matters, financial matters, and even physical matters such as sensuality.


Upright: Efforts rewarded, achievement, independence, success

Reversed: Reckless spending, instability, being on your guard

Nine of Pentacles Upright

Seeing the Nine of Pentacles indicates a state of independence, confidence, and self-sufficiency. The card may represent a hard-working individual in your life or show up as a sign that your hard work to overcome prior difficulties has been rewarded and that you will see success.

However, keep in mind that the Nine of Pentacles also signals a journey that has not quite reached its end. The card appears to remind you to focus on your personal life where grace and diplomacy will be the way to approach a given conflict.

Nine of Pentacles Reversed

The Nine of Pentacles revers may indicate upcoming financial issues. It can also indicate a period of security and instability that stems from the desire to keep up superficial appearances. When reversed, the Nine of Pentacles reminds you to focus on what’s important.

Nine of Pentacles in a Love Reading

Upright: When seen in a love reading the Nine of Pentacles denotes a time of luxury or at least contentment. If you have a partner right now, this may indicate a period of contentment - a time where you and your partner are focusing on your own achievements and working side by side towards your respective goals. 

If you’re single, romance is probably not a pressing issue and you may want to simply enjoy and appreciate what you have rather than looking for a partner.  

Reversed: Seeing the Nine of Pentacles in reverse in a love reading may signal that something is missing in your life. If you’re single, this may mean that you’re missing a relationship due to insecurities about sharing your life with others. If you’re already involved, the card warns you that you are being guarded with the other person and that you need to let go of that fear to truly experience love.

Nine of Pentacles in a Career Reading

Upright: Seeing the Nine of Pentacles in a career reading means that success, rewards, and abundance are coming your way. You may see your hard work paying off whether you own a business or working for someone else.

Reversed: Seeing this card in a career reading might mean that you have been faced with a few failures recently. However, you need to take a hard look at the effort you’re putting into these projects because the problem may be a lack of work. On the other hand, the card may also encourage you to hang in there and keep putting in the work even if you’ve tried your best to complete a project.

Nine of Pentacles in a Finances Reading

Upright: The Nine of Pentacles is definitely a card that you’ll want in a reading about finances as this may indicate a period of material security. If you’ve invested in something, this may be the time to enjoy the reward.

Reversed: Seeing this card in reverse is a sign that you may be recklessly overspending right now- a habit that can negatively affect your financial future.

Nine of Pentacles yes/no

You are regaining spiritual satisfaction now, you are not encumbered with cash problems, and your inner world is filled with peace, harmony, and a sense of inner comfort. An excellent job was done, applying diligence, experience, and knowledge, and now one can enjoy the results, as well-being was achieved, as well as a certain status in society. This symbol is about:
success in business projects;
self-assurance in your strength;
an enhanced feeling of security.
It is also a reminder that you can apply your wisdom to move toward the next level in life. The answer given by this card is yes.

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