Page of Pentacles Card Meaning

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Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles represents a person in search of a new direction in life or in search of new responsibilities. Trust the subconscious mind dormant within you. For this person it’s important to support and help their loved ones. Your close people are a gift from destiny. The fortuneteller should realise that you are a treasure for yourself and everybody around you, provided that the person values their strong sides and skills. This card is a good reason for re-discovering and evaluating your practical abilities. Take a journey into the world of discovery and knowledge.


Upright: searching for a new direction, learning, being a leader, support, help.

Reversed: unwillingness for studying, domination, business difficulties, vain. 

The Page of Pentacles Upright

Ambitiousness and materialism, conservatism and tradition in views. Receiving good news related to finances or health conditions. Getting to know a practical, sane and trustworthy person. Realization of aspirations, luck and fortune. Warming up interest in yourself and your problems. Favorable study progress.

A person who is able to focus on a particular problem. Practicality and ability to use theoretical knowledge in practice. This Page is associated with discipleship. An irrepressible passion for knowledge, for new things. Striving to be always up to date, not to lag behind.

The Page of Pentacles Reversed

Unwillingness to get an education. Striving to earn as much as possible. An idle life. Problems with financial state. Self-interest, a constant wish to dominate relationships. Excessive spending and tattling. Confused thinking, the habit to act rashly. The person can experience difficulties while expressing thoughts. The card can indicate an excess of money, that a person gives expensive gifts to children as compensation for a lack of love and attention. In addition, the Page means that these people are focused only on money, they are not interested in anything except money and financial profits.

The Page of Pentacles in Love

Upright: Your partner can definitely benefit from these relationships. At the same time, you can gain some experience or life lessons from both new relationships and existing ones. You may be also threatened with a divorce or a quarrel with a lover. In case of having a current relationship, the cards advise taking a serious step, for example, moving to  a new level in romantic deals. 

Reversed: Such people have a lack of respect for their partners, perhaps mutual disrespect. Besides, the couple may suffer from routine and boredom in the relationship. The Page means that you can experience difficulties while planning a family budget. This person or their partner can also be stingy or excessively control the soulmate’s wastes.

The Page of Pentacles in Career

Upright: You may gain a lot of new opportunities: working on interesting projects and plans, as well as getting newborn assignments. Possible changing a current job to a more profitable occupation in order to move up the career ladder. This card may represent bureaucratic papers, business correspondence or practical information. Interest in training, career growth, leadership. 

Reversed: In general, you may be warned of some difficulties that you have not handled because of not having enough experience or knowledge. The person can expect problems in those areas which are their weak points. 

The Page of Pentacles in Finances

Upright: A good chance to make a fortune or succeed in professional deals. Striving to earn as much as possible. You are likely to make a profitable deal, however, there is a risk of getting caught on the hook. Hence, be attentive before signing the and pay attention to all the details of the contract, even the trifles may play the final role. 

Reversed: The person can experience difficulties in business: the enterprise may need more investments in order to stay afloat. This card is also a sign that you are in a wrong place and don’t understand the aim of your business. 

Page of Pentacles yes/no

The sign means an opportunity that can only be obtained as a result of active actions. Enough motivation supports your strong desire to fulfill your plan. Catch this flow of energy and enthusiasm and don't stop till you feel a sense of satisfaction. The answer to your questions is yes. But the chance is given to you only once, so don’t miss it and work hard towards a better future. Your work will be rewarded in full. All the issues will be dissolved and the reason for it is a push received from outside. All the missing details in any life area will be restored.


Your destiny is being desided right now...