Mice Card Meaning


For a long time, people considered mice the most harmful and vile animals, they are very voracious and greedy, while being distinguished by increased fertility, which already makes these animals a symbol of great losses. The Mice Lenormand is a symbol of the worst human qualities. These animals destroyed food supplies, crops, spoiled the food left behind for sowing in the spring. And when the plague epidemic began, rats posed a real danger to life and health. However, in some cultures, the mouse was a symbol of wealth and fertility, dexterity and resourcefulness, intelligence and ingenuity. Therefore, this Tarot card should be interpreted in the context of the question, and not read as unequivocally negative.


Dwindling, Deficiency, Poverty, Depletion, Destruction, Lie, Defect, Flaw, Disease.

Mice Lenormand: Upright Meaning

The appearance of the Mice and the Lenormand in the layout portends tears as a result of loss, betrayal or illness. You can be robbed, spoil something, or something is plotted against you, and you will find out about the deception too late. If you have this card, the first step is to check the locks, as well as pipes for leaks, because the flood due to their malfunction will also go under this card. Be careful with your wallet, documents and keys in public places.

You can be very surprised and upset to learn that the threat comes from the closest person. The Mice card is also very negative in the psychological aspect, because it indicates that something is undermining you from the inside, does not allow you to live in peace and is poisoning your life. Lenormand Mice card meaning correlates with poverty and poor conditions.

The Mice card in Lenormand warns of possible problems that can be prevented by reacting in time. Rats indicate the use of something that does not belong to humans. From a positive value, the card indicates supplies and the need to collect them.

Mice Lenormand: Reversed Meaning

In a negative position, the value of Mice Lenormand increases, the losses are larger and more painful, the disease is more severe. Also, the Rat card often indicates damage and negative, spoilage.

Mice in a Love Reading

Upright: The Mice and the Lenormand in love is about neglecting the wishes of your partner and pursuing your petty selfish interests. You may be robbed by your loved one. Besides, the Rat indicates depravity, perversion, bad inclinations and desires. The card is associated with eroticism and sexuality, and in the most "dirty" forms - sexual disorders and perversions. The Mice may mean disappointment, loss of self-esteem, perhaps your partner is a gigolo. Possible dangerous flirting during travel, resort lover.

Reversed: For a long relationship or marriage, the Rat card is negative, it may indicate misunderstanding and problems in the family. The risk of betrayal, infidelity and duplicity, which can result in distance and separation. For example, in combination with the Heart card, it will show a fading relationship that gradually degrades and decays.

Mice When Asking About Careers

Upright: As a significator of work, the Mice Lenormand indicates a place where you will be deceived or substituted under other people's shoals, you will hardly make two ends meet, a company where everyone is stealing. Work will exhaust you both physically and mentally.

Reversed: Job meaning says that in the near future you will not find it or you will be deceived in something when applying for a position. The Mice card shows odd jobs, stressful environments and sudden dismissal.

Mice When Asking About Finances

Upright: The Lenormand Mice card meaning in financial affairs is about big troubles, financial losses, deceptions and thefts, the collapse of affairs. It also points to hidden enemies, the intrigues of competitors and unscrupulous partners who are trying to grab a bigger piece behind their backs and arrange their business more profitable. Loss of money, accounting problems, fraud, fraud.

Reversed: The financial situation of the Mice Lenormand is unstable, a constant money loss, possible sefts. You will suffer from the damage to your property, problems with banks, repair costs or replacement of missing items.

FAQ Mice Lenormand card meaning

  • What does the Mice mean in reading Lenormand?

    The key value of the Mice Lenormand is greed, this applies to all spheres, including finance and relationships. Mice affect the physical world as well as the world of the senses, so be ready to face a lot of difficulties and surprises.

  • What is shown on this card?

    Depending on the deck, the picture shows rats or mice stealing or gnawing on something. Mice are small and not as dangerous as rats, so the card with Mice is usually interpreted less negatively. Most of the rodents are depicted in the pantry or on the shelf with food.

  • What is this card by number?

    The card corresponds to the 23d number. You may get a free reading and description of the whole deck on our website.

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