Page of Cups Card Meaning

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Understanding the message of the Page of Cups card

Tarot is an amazing spiritual tool that allows opening the hidden truth and making the right decision. If you want to discover the inner world with cards, first of all, it is imperative to dive into the meaning of each symbol. So let's explore the power of the Page of Cups card.

Page of cups upright Meaning

The card represents the possibilities and natural skills that are hidden inside each person. The Page of Cups Tarot card proposes that probably you've missed the opportunity to grow and flourish, although fate has given you several chances, while others manage to build a successful business and unleash full potential. So you must focus on your goals and use all opportunities for development to improve your personal and professional life. The Page of Cups is also about reconciliation, the restoration of friendly or family relations, the end of a conflict.Ā 

Page of cups reversed Meaning

The forecast of Page of Cups is changed if the card is appeared to be in the upside-down position. Your hopes and aspirations are unlikely to be fulfilled. If after an argument with someone, you've found a consensus, it is temporary, and soon, the conflict will intensify. Re-consider your behavior, habits, and choices, as probably you are an infantile person, and it is difficult for you to cope with your own emotions.

The card reflects a lack of depth in feelings, therefore, your love or good attitude to someone will disappear soon. Lack of self-confidence hinders the development of your strengths and makes your weaknesses grow, destroying your life. You donā€™t want to compromise, and finding a mutual agreement is not a straightforward task for you.

Page of CupsĀ Love Reading

Upright: you're going to meet your soul mate. The time of loneliness and searching is over. Now, you can enjoy all the joys of a love connection. You will gain harmony in a relationship. Usually, this period starts after dark times, filled with conflicts.

Page of cups reversed love: just like any sphere of your life, your relationship is somewhat unpredictable. And while sometimes being unpredictable can make your connection with your partner stronger, having the inverted Page of Cups Tarot card will bring some negativity and add a sense of insecurity. You will be faced with strong disillusionment, a feeling of disappointment, and offense.

When Asking About page of cups career

Upright: get ready for rapid future development in terms of career and for the smooth implementation of new projects. You will definitely get a helping hand from people who share your opinion and views.Ā 

Page of cups reversed career: probably, you will fail and waste your time due to an unsuccessful project. The reversal of Page of Cups is about unwanted gossips that can be harmful. Reconsider your communication with the team, think about what you are saying. Your laziness and lack of initiative will lead to poor outcomes.

When Asking About page of cups finances

Upright: you need to learn to reasonably and capably manage your capital to avoid experiencing a lack of cash and default.Ā 

Page of cups reversed finances: having the reversed card, expect unfavorable deals. So do not sign contracts, as self-deception and impulsive behavior will lead to the collapse or failure of the project, as well as the revenue deficit due to lack of experience.

Page of Cups yes/no

This sign is associated with a sudden strong desire to act or an unreflective urge. At the same time, it symbolizes an invitation to participate in a useful and interesting event. Don't miss the chance. It is also about the initiative that comes from another person. We accept this initiative with great joy and gratitude. In some cases, this card can mean reconciliation after a quarrel, the sympathy of close people and friends shown to us during a harsh and tough life situation, as well as spiritual impulses. You begin to unlock hidden details about the situation and the right thoughts are generated in your mind. Difficult moments suddenly become easier and a previously unsolvable situation turns into a minor problem that can be solved without effort. Your answer is more likely yes.

FAQ Page of Cups tarot card meaningĀ 

  • What does the card mean in reading Rider-Waite?

    The card will always bring us joy and evoke a vivid emotional state. And it does not matter at all with which sphere of life this experience will be connected. Creative and spiritual inspiration will give you a sense of life satisfaction. But be careful with the reversed position, as it warns about unfulfilled dreams and desires.

  • What is shown on this card?

    In the illustration, we see a young cheerful man standing on the seashore with a cup in his hands. The cup informs about some kind of gift or news, and in most cases, it has a clearly positive message regarding upcoming events.

  • What is this card by number?

    The card takes the 11th position in the Cups suit of the Minor Arcana.

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