Dog Card Meaning


The main figure on this card is the dog, the most ancient animal that was domesticated and tamed by man. A symbol of constancy, obedience and vigilance. Usually the animal is in the house or on the street next to the booth, or ready to act as a hunter. Among the experts, the Dog tarot card is considered one of the simplest symbols to use. Remember that many meanings become understood at the level of intuition. 


Loyalty, Friendship, A Follower, Help, Devotion, Obedience, Support, Love

Dog tarot card meaning: Upright Meaning

As a rule, this card means reliability, loyalty, protection, selfless service, dedication, selflessness, actions motivated by love, a reliable partner you can rely on. This is a sign that you have a true friendship, you can always count on support. Sometimes Dog Lenormand advises you to help your friend. The dog sniffs, tracks, searches for something, finds and reveals. She guards what is important, warns of danger and protects her own.

Dog tarot card meaning: Reversed Meaning

Dog Lenormand reading suggests that the dog bites only from a dog's life. This card rarely talks about problems, only in bad Dog Lenormand combinations. Besides, it may warn you of some trouble.

Dog in a Love Reading

Upright: Dog Tarot card says that your sincere friendship can grow into love. However, it often indicates the friend zone, platonic relationships. The Dog in deck means loyalty, readiness for self-sacrifice in terms of marriage and permanent relationship.

Reversed: A negative review of the Dog card can indicate a devoted admirer or a relationship where one loves, and the second accepts favorably, but looks downward. Possible betrayal or infidelity of a loved one whom you blindly trusted. 

Dog When Asking About Careers

Upright: Dog Tarot card meaning is about reliable partners and executive loyal subordinates. At work, there is a stable and calm environment, colleagues help each other. If you are looking for a job, you will find it soon. Perhaps a friend will help with this question.

Reversed: Dog Lenormand is a watchman and a guard, always warns when a stranger is on the doorstep, and the Dog Tarot warns of danger and impending difficulties. Be honest with yourself and others. Help others. Be friendly and helpful

Dog When Asking About Finances

Upright: Business will go well at work if you do it honestly and do not make a deal with your conscience. You will have reliable deals, mutually beneficial cooperation, following the course of the company. The person is likely to receive money shortly.

Reversed: The Dog Tarot card may describe business difficulties. You can get out of such troubles if you trust and follow your instincts, your natural scent. After all, it is the instinct of self-preservation that helps us survive in dangerous situations, but we often neglect it and try to act logically as it seems to us. Protect your interests and you will succeed.

FAQ Dog Lenormand card meaning

  • What does the Dog mean in reading Lenormand?

    Dog Tarot card meaning strongly correlates with courage and dedication. The proverbial loyalty of the dog makes it a symbol of constancy, help and protection. You may also search for other cards' meaning and description on our platform for free.

  • What is shown on this card?

    Depending on the version of the deck design, the image on the card may differ. This is any version of the breed, but it is mainly based on major problems. It can be seen at once that this is a good defender and a friend of man. When they start, they paint the booth, they can keep a leash in their teeth, or they can also observe additional items. Consider all of this when you use it, as these are helpful hints on how to interpret the question.

  • What is this card by number?

    The Dog Tarot card occupies the 18th serial number, and according to the playing cards, it corresponds to the 10 of Hearts.

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