Stork Card Meaning


Stork Lenormand Ā is a symbol of spring, joy and new life, homeland and cyclical changes. This bird is always associated with the birth of a child. The Stork is also one of the most faithful birds, they live in pairs and do not tolerate betrayal. The card symbolizes the change in external circumstances and the invariability of internal attitudes and loyalty to traditions, because every year he leaves his native land with the onset of cold weather, and returns home by spring. You can get all the information about Lenormand Stork combinations and descriptions (including other tarot card meanings) on our website Ā and also try tarotĀ reading free.


Change,Ā Novelty,Ā Movement, Journey,Ā Transition, Arrival - departure, New meetings,Ā New Cycle, Birth,Ā Recurrence.

Lenormand Stork card: Upright Meaning

Lenormand Stork card is a symbol of procreation, fertility, productivity and a new beginning. This card is active and mobile, brings the wind of change to the alignment and means new beginnings in every sense of the word, from some idea to pregnancy, or moving abroad for permanent residence. Stork as the first news of changes that can affect any area of ā€‹ā€‹life. The stork reading may also indicate vehicles, long-distance travel, and air travel.

Lenormand Stork card: Reversed Meaning

In a negative sense, the Stork portends an escape from change, a desire to soar from the mortal world, yearning and vanity, from obligations and responsibility. a person under the influence of the Stork card can feel an acute desire for change and throw everything headlong, go to a resort, abandon his business. As a neutral card for change, Stork Lenormand in a bad environment speaks of change for the worse.

Stork in a Love Reading

Upright: Some step from the partner that will entail changes, for example, joint trip to the resort. The Stork may also speak of a romantic meeting, most likely the partner will be from afar, from another country. Finally, the stork card indicates the birth of a child. It is important to look at the middle cards. Examples of Lenormand Stork combinations: Koltso + Stork - an engagement, a wedding ceremony, a declaration of love; Stork + Baby - pregnancy or birth;

Reversed: Another meaning of this card is a possible reconciliation with someone who you have quarreled with, this person is ready to take the first step to reunite. Sometimes this symbol says that someone from the past will return to your life.Ā 

Stork When Asking About Careers

Upright: Job: Promotion, or change of place of work for a more profitable and interesting one. Lenormand Stork card talks about new ideas and opportunities, but whether you take this chance depends entirely on you. In any case, this will be a nice interesting proposal, so you can take it up with enthusiasm!

Reversed: As a rule, the card itself doesn't mean any negative changes concerning career. If you see in the deck "Stork + Pisces" - then you are likely to receive a cage growth together with an increase in pay. If this is "Stork + Lilies", then you will be awarded the leadership and given a chance to take up a new duty.Ā Ā 

Stork When Asking About Finances

Upright: The Stork does not promise anything in terms of money. However, Stork Lenormand Ā may indicate an increase in income, but in the long term. Stork is a positive card, but strongly depends on the cards surrounding it.

Reversed: But the 17th symbol does not always guarantee a high level of revenue. The Lenormand card will give a gorgeous chance, but it will only depend on you whether to use it or not. If you get "Key + Stork", then accept the correct solution.

FAQ Stork Lenormand card meaning

  • What does the Stork mean in reading Lenormand?

    Basically, the Stork is the appearance in your life of a significant person or circumstance, a change of place of residence or work, additional income and new acquaintances.

  • What is shown on this card?

    In almost all decks, Stork Lenormand is depicted sitting or arranging his nest, less often foraging in a swamp, or in flight. One of the decks depicts a stork in flight, carrying a four-leaf clover in its beak, which additionally emphasizes unexpected luck, combining the power of both cards: Stork and Clover.

  • What is this card by number?

    The Stork card is located under the 17th number in the Small Lenorman deck.

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