Cross Card Meaning


Since the Lenormand deck was created in the Christian tradition, the Cross here is also a symbol of the Passion of Christ. The card carries the idea that everyone has their own cross, their own burden of everyday life and worries.

The Cross Lenormand card meaning

is the embodiment of patience, sacrifice and painful transitions to another state, as well as victory over death. In ancient times, it symbolized the union of opposites - ground and sky, male and female, active and passive. In Christianity, the Cross is a symbol of endless love, compassion and forgiveness, cleansing from sins through martyrdom and sacrifice for the common good. There is a full list of Tarot free reading and description on this platform.


Duty, Conviction, Suffering, Burden, Intolerance, Principles, Indoctrination

Lenormand card meaning of the Cross: Upright Meaning

The Tarot card the Cross is very strong, that casts its shadow over the entire layout. It is associated with pain and anguish, this is the last card in the deck, which closes the cycle and at the same time is responsible for the future. It is the card that teaches us how to live on after all the mistakes and failures, tests our spirit for strength, tests our loyalty to values ​​and the chosen course. 

In everyday life, it speaks of some unpleasant or difficult duties that will need to be carried out. The Lenormand Cross card raises obstacles in your path, both emotional and physical and spiritual. Another Cross meaning in Tarot cards is the onset of difficult times that will need to be experienced. In general, the card is unfavorable, which speaks of difficulties, problems and troubles. It will be hard, but through torment and suffering you will be cleansed.

Lenormand card meaning of the Cross: Reversed Meaning

A negative Cross Lenormand card meaning speaks of a great danger to health and even a person’s life, either he is in danger from the outside, or he decided to commit suicide. A hopeless situation, it will only get worse.

The Cross in a Love Reading

Upright: The Tarot card the Cross in love means testing feelings for strength, only mature relationships can overcome this period of testing. You need to fight and defend your right to happiness. In rare cases, it may indicate that your partner is destined by fate, a karmic union. In most cases, however, there are problems and trials, relationships that weigh on and are perceived as a heavy burden. Working off karma through relationships.

Reversed: Another meaning of the card is a dead relationship, there is no sense to save this union. Think of yourself and see the gap as liberation and new opportunities. You will receive freedom, do not be afraid of loneliness. If you are financially dependent on your partner, then it is worth renting an inexpensive room, taking a part-time job at home. You can live more modestly, but you will get something more valuable - freedom!

The Cross When Asking About Careers

Upright: The Cross meaning in Tarot cards for work is poor working conditions, poorly qualified, poorly paid job. Unemployment, but for such areas as medicine, religion or a judicial one.

Reversed: The card indicates that you are going through a way of challenges, the end is not close.

The Cross When Asking About Finances

Upright: The Cross Lenormand card meaning in material aspect is about plans collapse and closed projects. Partners get out of business at the last moment, money gets stuck in accounts. Much will have to start from scratch. 

Reversed: The Cross also means financial losses, which will not be a surprise for the Questioner.

FAQ Lenormand card meaning of the Cross

  • What does the Cross mean in reading Lenormand?

    The Cross Lenormand card meaning is about problems and challenges. The Cross is a card of fate, but also of hope and faith, trust in the Higher Forces, who are wise and know what and how is really best for us.

  • What is shown on this card?

    In classic decks, there is a simple cross with a wreath of thorns and a whip. Sometimes the cross is depicted on a hill in the rays of the sun, there are decks with a Celtic cross, sometimes there is an image of a cross decorated with flowers and leaves on the decks - this is a symbol of the transformation of suffering into eternal spiritual life, purification souls from sins, and bodies from diseases.

  • What is this card by number?

    The card takes the 36th number of the Lenormand deck.

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