Mountain Card Meaning


Mountain Lenormand is a symbol of high achievements, as well as inevitable obstacles on the way that fate sends us. On the one hand, the card gives obstacles, and on the other - a spiritual ascent "through thorns to the stars." After going through these trials and hardships, a person can rise to shining heights and observe the world from a bird's eye view. Lenormand free reading and description is available for everyone who wants to study the world of astrology!


Difficulties, Problems, Obstacles, Barrier, Impairment, Hurdles, Struggles, Challenge, Impossible.

Mountain Lenormand: Upright Meaning

The mountain is an unfavorable card. However, it carries many positive moments in the future. It denotes a strong opposition between a person and circumstances. The mountain is a symbol of a big problem that cannot be easily and simply resolved and confuses a person. It can be events and other people that prevent you from achieving what you want. This difficult and long journey will require willpower, desire to win, courage, patience and self-control. 

The Mountain card with favorable cards of the deck means that you can overcome everything and win over unfavorable circumstances. Hence, the main Lenormand Mountain card meaning is that the card can make a person more enduring, experienced and confident in their abilities. Thanks to these tests, a person changes for the better. 

Lenormand mountain card meaning: Reversed Meaning

Mountain Lenormand also indicates a kind of protection under someone's authority, law - like behind a stone wall. In general, this card means a difficult period in life, you experience nervous or physical stress. You can undermine your health, so be careful. Neighboring maps will show where to expect trouble or the problems themselves that you will have to deal with.

Mountain in a Love Reading

Upright: If the Mountain Tarot has fallen, then some difficult times are approaching, when the lovers stop to understand each other. It seems that there is a deaf wall between them, which cannot be broken. The Mountain card Lenormand is able to indicate that people have moved away, or their feelings have left. 

Reversed: In other cases, only one person may hide themselves and does not respond to the partner’s attempts to get in contact. Perhaps you are looking at the same situation differently. Be ready to suffer from a daily unhappy routine. 

Mountain When Asking About Careers

Upright: The Mountain Lenormand speaks of hard, physically or mentally tedious work with low pay. This is unskilled labor or a very large scale project. At work, there will be problems with the completion of the goals and the started cases. 

Reversed: The card means unemployment, suspension of an employment contract or being in an unpromising position. 

Mountain When Asking About Finances

Upright: The actual meaning of this card in financial questions are difficulties and failures. Delays in the payment of wages and, in general, in the receipt of funds. You will face big debts and taxes that will need to be paid urgently. You have to put up with such a difficult situation, tighten your belt tighter, since there is no way to change it yet. The person will have to tighten the purse strings and forget about all possible wishes. 

Reversed: In business and work matters in a reversed position, the Mountain card Lenormand also speaks of big problems and difficulties, a large company or a competitor dictates the conditions and deflects; rivalry with colleagues. Near such cards as the Tower  or the Bear - obstacles from the controlling institutions.

FAQ Mountain Lenormand card meaning

  • What does the Mountain mean in reading Lenormand?

    Lenormand Mountain card meaning points at a big problem that cannot be easily and simply resolved and confuses a person. However, in order to prevent difficulties in future, these challenges have to be overcome.

  • What is shown on this card?

    The card usually depicts a mountain without vegetation, surrounded by a forest. Sometimes it is an impregnable mountain, just like a rock, sometimes there is a path that goes to it and you can see that people are walking there. In other cases - a mountain is inaccessible from one slope, but you can climb it from the other.

  • What is this card by number?

    The Mountain Lenormand is the 21st card in the deck.

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