Queen of Wands Card Meaning

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The Queen of Wands is often depicted with a sunflower in one hand and a wand, in the other. Like other queens, the Queen of Wands is sitting on a throne and at her feet is a black cat which symbolizes her ties to the occult and her deep intuition. Like all wands, the Queen of Wands is connected to fire and is thus bold and passionate.


Upright: Charismatic, optimistic, social, passionate

Reversed: Vengeful, jealous, demanding, selfish

Upright Meaning

The Queen of Wands often represents a person who is focused, fiery, and passionate. This queen is here to bring about positive energy and to uplift those who stand by her side. The Queen of Wands is fierce when it comes to both home and career life and she is determined to achieve her dreams. As with other cards, the Queen of Wands may represent an individual who is passionate, charismatic, and social or may simply represent these qualities. This card is also associated with fertility.

Reversed Meaning

The Queen of Wands is seen upside down or reversed is associated with someone who may need your help right now. The card may also warn or an individual in your life who is jealous, demanding, or selfish. On the other hand, the card may also serve as a warning to temper these qualities in yourself and to follow your rational mind over your emotions in a given situation. Like its upright counterpart, the Queen of Wands reversed is also associated with fertility.

Queen of Wands in a Love Reading

Upright: The Queen of Wands in a love reding may represent a person who is confident, self-assured, and passionate. On the other hand, the Queen of Wands might appear in order to encourage you to be yourself and to put yourself out there. If you’re single, this queen is telling you to go out there and mingle- be confident in yourself and you’ll find others attracted to your natural charms. If you’re in a relationship, the queen is encouraging you to be more open with your lover. The Queen of Wands is also very sensual and encourages intimacy.      

Reversed: When seen in a love reading, the Queen of Wands in reverse warns you against being too self-centered in your love life. If you’re looking for love, the queen warns you to be less fickle. If you’re already in a relationship, one partner may be selfish and neglectful.  

Queen of Wands in a Career Reading

Upright: Seeing the Queen of Wands in a career reading is a great sign. Whatever you’re facing at work, you can persevere, and event conquers if you approach the situation with passion and determination.  This queen also encourages you to start being an example for others either by becoming a mentor or by taking a leadership role in your field.  
Reversed: Seeing the Queen of Wands reversed in a career reading might show a lack of enthusiasm in your work. Whether you’re drained because you’ve been working too hard, or because of other life circumstances, the queen reminds you to find balance in your life and to take breaks when you need them- rather than when you break down.

Queen of Wands in Finances

Upright: The appearance of the Queen of Wands in reading about finances means that you’re able to make smart financial decisions at this time. This may be a good time to start expanding when it comes to finances.
Reversed: When seen in reverse, the Queen of Wands reminds you to be careful with how you manage your money.   

Queen of Wands yes/no

A powerful force awakens within you. It pushes you to attain more and make unusual actions. You are no longer bothered by thoughts of whether you can accomplish a set objective. You are in total control of the situation and emotions and do not allow other people to solve your problems. You are ready for new challenges and are able to build your life on your own. Therefore, your answer is yes. You have a clear mind, you understand well what and how to do. The charisma is so great that people gladly follow you and are ready to work tirelessly.

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