Heart Card Meaning


The Heart Lenormand is of key importance in a symbolic meaning primarily because it is the central vital organ of the circulatory system. So the heart is the center of a person, the basis of both life and spiritual principles. The symbolism of the Heart is very simple and clear - love, sympathy. There is a wide list of Tarot cards’ description and meaning on our platform. You may get acquainted with the world of astrology for free!


Love, Amicability, Romanticization, Relationship, Forgiveness, Happiness,, Reconciliation, Softness, Charity.

Heart Lenormand: Upright Meaning

The Heart Tarot card is twined with ribbons and flowers, most often these are roses and ivy as the symbols of love and devotion. However, roses have thorns that hurt, and ivy often indicates excessive affection even for something that has already ended. Therefore, you should not idealize your emotions too much, it is important to look at the surrounding cards, because the Heart means emotions, but what emotions exactly - we should look at the context of the alignment. In general, the Heart is associated only with positive emotions and reminiscence, such as joy, love, happiness etc. 

Heart Lenormand: Reversed Meaning

The Heart Lenormand in a reversed position is about indifference, tears and the end. A person suffers from painful feelings and tends to take impulsive actions. Possible health troubles, including cardiovascular disorders. The feature of the Heart in a reversed meaning is fatal mistakes due to love, as well as codependent relationships. However, the Heart can be interpreted in such a way only in a combination with the Serpent, the Coffin, the Cross or the Whip Lenormand readings. Such feelings will lead to a series of fatal mistakes.

Heart in a Love Reading

Upright: This card is the most important in a love relationship. This is a symbol of love, true feelings and understanding. For existing relationships - strengthening of affection, renewal of feelings, emotional comfort. In general, regardless of the prospects and duration of the relationship, this is a true feeling that won’t be forgotten forever.

Positive cards in the layout enhance the action of the Heart Tarot card: with the Ring - marriage; with the Anchor - long lasting relationship; with the Dog - fidelity; with the House - harmony and family comfort. However, the Heart is not about marriage or eternal relationships. This can only be judged on the basis of other cards. 

Reversed: The reversed Lenormand cards Heart meaning indicates a lack of feelings in a couple. If there are only negative symbols next to it, then reading is carried out in the opposite direction: break-up, extinction of feelings, indolence and coldness.

Heart When Asking About Careers

Upright: The Heart Lenormand is about an emotional attachment to the profession, possible success. Such people receive help in work due to their connections and authority.

Reversed: When reading fortunes at material questions, the Heart displays whether the person is satisfied or not. The answer will be given by the middle cards.

Heart When Asking About Finances

Upright: The Lenormand cards Heart meaning is receiving money or property that belongs to a person by right. Charity and patronage.

Reversed: According to the Heart Lenormand, all working affairs are built on personal relationships, likes and dislikes. The person makes decisions under the influence of emotion, not logic, analysis and common sense, which is not a feature of a good businessman.

FAQ Heart Lenormand card meaning

  • What does the Heart mean in reading Lenormand?

    The card is dual, in fact, it is a full range of saturated emotions. The heart is the receptacle of our soul and the source of emotions, both good and negative.

  • What is shown on this card?

    The red heart is entwined with flowers and ribbons. In different decks, the image is different in detail, but on the whole it is uniform and understandable. Roses, which are so often depicted on the 24th card, emphasize the symbolism of love and sympathy. On some decks, there may be painted other flowers.

  • What is this card by number?

    The Heart card occupies the 24th order number and corresponds to the Heart game card.

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