Scythe Card Meaning


Scythe Lenormand meaning: avoid acting in haste and be alert to the danger.

The Scythe Lenormand card is a serious warning that must not be ignored by the reader. It informs of impending or possible danger and advises to be more cautious and have a wise attitude to mitigate future troubles. The card often predicts injuries or accidents. The threat may sneak up on you unexpectedly, where you did not expect it at all. When it comes to interpretation of Lenormand Scythe combinations, the good cards next to the Scythe can alleviate the consequences and in some cases even prevent a bad situation from occurring.


Accidents, Hasty Decisions, Danger, A Warning, Speed, Reckoning

Scythe Lenormand: Upright Meaning

Most often, the card indicates destruction, some kind of sharp, rather a painful process of cutting off something. Despite the fact that the Scythe itself is not a symbol of suffering and difficulties, it always brings into life some kind of turning point, the unexpected and abrupt moment when cardinal changes take place. Some stage of your life ends or you reap the benefits of what was done earlier. If you ask for advice and seek life guidance, then Scythe Lenormand suggests:

  • act decisively without hesitations, as you are capable of changing the situation by being self-confident in your actions and decisions; 

  • it is the right time to make an imperative decision with a cool head, be balanced, remain calm and rational during stressful events and crises because a sudden situation and the turning point are too close;

  • you have to cut off all the negative, as it can hinder your progress and growth;

  • you can avoid problems by being determined and by responding quickly.

Only your wise decision and deliberate actions will help to cope with the difficulties and overcome challenges that will stand in the way, however, in case of failure, you will bear a burden of responsibility.

Scythe Lenormand: Reversed Meaning

A reversed Scythe Lenormand meaning is quite positive since probably the danger will pass by the side and nothing threatens you anymore. But at the same time, you need to be extremely careful because the Card hides the desire to dominate and compete. The person is more decisive and less careful, the intensity is growing, and rash actions or hasty decisions create a serious threat for the person who has fallen under the influence of the energy of  Scythe.

Scythe in a Love Reading

Upright: the card indicates the strength and suddenness of emotions and feelings. At the same time, it is associated with envy, hatred, aggression, and cruelty. As a prognosis for a relationship, it can be a warning sign of a breakup that will bring a lot of pain.

Reversed: in rare cases, it can be a sign of love at first sight. Also, it advises to cut off the past and start a new relationship. 

Scythe when asking about Careers

Upright: unforeseen events in a professional path and environment: your position at work will be compromised. You may be suddenly fired or demoted.

Reversed: the upside-down position of the card is a good life indicator that means a new unexpected beginning, a new start, a new place of work.

Scythe when asking about Finances

Upright: in the nearest future, you may experience serious financial troubles, such as cutting salary, loans with high interest rates, poor and unfavorable deals. More likely, you will need some urgent extra cash for some emergency and surprising events.

Reversed: in the combination with good cards, it may mean that you will get the deserved money after hard work.

FAQ Scythe Lenormand card meaning

  • What does the Scythe mean in reading Lenormand?

    On the one hand, the Scythe Lenormand card blocks our path, cutting off something that we considered vital and essential for our happiness, thereby creating an imbalance and a feeling of ruin in life. On the other hand, it can be a tip that you must cut off something unnecessary, freeing up a space for something new.

  • What is shown on this card?

    On a more symbolic level, the Scythe represents harvesting. Traditionally, in most decks, the Scythe is depicted near a sheaf of hay, thereby symbolizing the harvest period. The sharp blade of the scythe instantly makes the one looking at the card feel insecurity, vulnerability, and threat.

  • What is this card by number?

    The Scythe number in the deck is 10.

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