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Begin your self-inquiry with the powerful Lenormand Tarot Deck

Marie Anne Lenormand is one of the greatest geniuses and influential cartomancers who had the gift to accurately predict death, using an ordinary deck of playing cards, however, with the system of specially designed symbols and signs. Professional fortune-teller has changed the Universe of Tarot by delivering the foundation for creating a unique Lenormand Tarot Deck for spiritual awareness and self-growth. The original deck that consists of only 36 compared to 78 cards of a traditional deck was published in 1972. This extraordinary deck of cards with deep meanings doesn’t follow any specific pattern unlike traditional Tarot decks, such as the Rider Waite deck that has the most well-known patterns divided in Suits, as well as Major and Minor Arcana.

Choosing this deck of cards for dealing with predictions, here are key distinctions that you must be aware of before obtaining your free readings:

  1. Cards do not have reversals: while reversals in cards take on the shadow meaning of the traditional Tarot, Lenormand decks of cards are much more obvious and straightforward. Cards can be divided into positive, negative, and neutral associations; thus, the Sun in Lenormand will always represent success and great outcomes and the Star is about hope, inspiration, and belief.
  2. All symbols are easy to identify: with every combination, you create a clear and simple for interpretation sentence.
  3. Different decks — different meanings: similar Tarot and Lenormand cards carry their own message and give you totally different types of readings.

For example, The Tower Tarot card numbered XVI represents disorder and destruction. It can be interpreted as unexpected upheaval and unforeseen change. Tower in the Lenormand Tarot Deck means more like a business hierarchy. It also can mean solitude. Arrogant, isolated, established are the keywords associated with this card.

Going deeper when working with the Lenormand deck makes your experience more intriguing and fascinating. The deck will disclose remarkable secrets through accurate readings.

Grow spiritually and gain better control with free Tarot readings

Having studied Maria Lenormand’s practice of seeking knowledge of the unknown, you can obtain accurate predictions and even make a detailed description of future events.  Lenormand card meanings are presented on the website, so you can use a specific system to receive concrete answers that you are looking for.

Each card from the Lenormand deck has a well-defined symbol. Their interpretations are possible through an array of combinations. People who have a vague idea of fortune-telling on cards think that divination is used exclusively for predicting future events. However, Lenormand Tarot Deck can deliver not only a deeper understanding of fate. They can assist you for:

  • composing a detailed description of the future for better coping with challenges;
  • clarifying important life aspects;
  • finding an answer to controversial questions;
  • getting prognosis for career prosperity and growth;
  • making the right choice and ensuring a smooth life journey, overcoming obstacles.

A deck with simple symbolic illustrations is accessible to any person who strives to awaken inner wisdom and make it possible to rely on working with intuition.

FAQ Lenormand Tarot Deck

  • Which tarot deck has the most well-known pattern?

    The eye-appealing cards in the Lenormand deck are probably the most distinguished and recognized cards all around the globe. The deck of cards is special not only due to its design but it is simple for interpretation, won't confuse a reader, and ensures a great connection with deeper meanings.

  • How many cards are in the Lenormand deck?

    The deck consists of 36 strong and meaningful cards. Each card is beautifully illustrated and can deliver reliable guidance in life.

  • What are the best cards in the Lenormand deck?

    Probably one of the most significant and influential cards in the deck is the Cross card, as it tests our strength and warns us about some life burdens which we need to get rid of. Another prominent card is the Star because it symbolizes peacefulness, harmony, and balance in life.

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