Six of Wands Card Meaning

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Six of Wands

The Six of Wands symbolizes conquest or triumph in a difficult battle. It represents the winner, indicates praise and honor. In addition, this card can remind you to take part in honoring the winner from your environment and help others win victories. The card also contains a warning: do not become proud, having gained honor and glory.

This Six is often dropped after a difficult period. It hints at reflecting on and recalling several episodes from your life when you used force or when someone used force against you. The card can indicate social success, joy, sociability, the ability to feel at ease in a crowd, communicate with a huge number of people, behave correctly and be able to feel what others want from you. 


Upright: glory and honor, respect, success, leadership potential, luck, re-established relationships, win in the battle of love, new love, making a fortune, wealth, 

Reversed: failure fatigue, loses, disharmony, bad luck, lost love, problems with work, unpaid job, 

Six of Wands Upright

The card promises well-deserved success, inspiration, high spirits, striving for high goals, triumph, the right choice regarding work and social life. The questioner can reap the benefits of past efforts. There is an opportunity of winning “the fight” and gaining recognition. Good news that will delight, promotion. Thanks to the ability to control your feelings and correctly use your energy, the object has respect for the desires and interests of others. You will soon end the war with your own fears, impatience and internal aggression. Now you are surrounded by harmony, luck and positive changes. 

Six of Wands Reversed

The reversed Six predicts failure, wrong choice, fatigue, discouragement, pessimism, long expectations. Now this person is not praised, but only criticized, provoking disrespectful attitude towards people. The questionnaire doesn’t want to learn and gain any experience. Hence, the opponents will win. There will be a lot of negative changes, temptations and fears due to underestimating your own capabilities.

Six of Wands in Love

Upright: The direct meaning of the Six of Wands in a relationship is overcoming difficulties, establishing mutual understanding after a series of trials, support, revival of feelings, re-established harmony, when all negative aspects of your life have finally disappeared. Sometimes it will be a triumph of only one partner, when, for example, a person made a lot of efforts to win the object of his sympathy, and now, finally, it happened. At the same time, if you're alone and asked whether to start a new relationship, the answer is definitely yes!

Reversed: When the card comes upside down, we can say that this card takes on a rather sad meaning in relationships. The victory was not successful, the object of sympathy was not won, in the love triangle the questioner turned out to be "the third superfluous", and all efforts to improve relations ended in failure. Sometimes a card can mean disapproval of this union from others.

Six of Wands in Career

Upright: This is a great career card which brings incredible success, fruitful results, advancement, promotion, speaks of the talent of a leader, organizer, and a brilliant specialist. Sometimes may report working in a powerful organization with a large number of employees.

You are very talented and can find your place in almost any area.

Reversed: The meaning of the Six of Wands in work, if the card came upside down is a failure, a victory that didn’t take place, a collapse of plans, a rejection of an idea or a person in a team, non-receipt of the desired reward, unpaid and invaluable work.

Six of Wands in Finances

Upright:  You are a true lucky-man, so wait for both business and academic success. Moreover, you can think about expansion of living space. This period is your period, so use it as much as you can!

Reversed: Due to inappropriate use of internal energy, you can suffer from troubles in business and financial issues. A misfortune haunts you and you have to conquer it. 

Six of Wands yes/no

One experiences fulfillment because of work achievement, as well as high spirits. You want to spread this joyful mood everywhere. Success is well deserved, and therefore it can be celebrated. The Tarot sign also means:
if you are busy solving a problem at the moment, your work will be crowned with success very soon;
when we feel like winners, we should not forget about the feelings of others;
a long series of failures is over now, as you did not give up.
The world has appreciated your certain actions and found them worthy of attention. Thus, whatever you ask, the answer you are looking for is yes.

Your destiny is being desided right now...