Bear Card Meaning


Bear Lenormand card meaning and detailed explanation

The Lenormand bear card indicates courage and the strength that are needed to reach the top, overcome difficulties, and accomplish goals. In the Lenormand Bear combinations, it sometimes can warn that someone wishes to harm you and the main motives are envy or deep antipathy. It would be not a straightforward task to detect the enemy, as it can be your close friend that in fact your biggest opponent.


Power, Leadership, Dominance, Influence, Short temper, Strength of character, Boss

Bear Lenormand card meaning: upright meaning

You have a lot of influence on the situation, but the Bear often symbolizes a more influential person, therefore, in resolving your issues, you can safely trust an older person in position or age. A bear in fortune telling can symbolize the financial well-being and freedom that money gives us. This is all about an outstanding personality who is capable of demonstrating both a desire to control and possess, as well as unlimited generosity. In addition, this card indicates the ability to cope with any ailment and disease due to the internal strength of the body.

Bear Lenormand card meaning: reversed meaning

Weakness, powerlessness, and defeat are the key meanings of the reversed card. These can also be about daily duties that have become a heavy burden, which is becoming more and more difficult to carry.  In general, the bear is a symbol of energy that exists to protect. But in some cases, this can overwhelm you, you will feel dependent on another more powerful person, and lose faith in yourself and strength that can help to cope with your troubles.  Overestimating your own capabilities and, at the same time, underestimating the strength of the enemy are also possible.   

Bear in a Love Reading

Upright: Lenormand Bear Combinations may show the presence of a reliable and loyal man in a woman's life who cares about her. A strong and respectful relationship that cannot be ruined. You can trust your partner. 

Reversed: the upside-down position of the card means that one of the partners, most likely a man, dominates. In such a couple, patriarchy reigns, and the woman loses her rights.

Bear When Asking About Careers

Upright: in matters of professional activity, the card often shows a big leader, a stable position, or authority in the team. Business matters are always serious, financial transactions are significant and stable, partners are reliable.

Reversed: if the upright Bear Lenormand meaning indicates growth and development, improvement, and self-discipline, the reversed one means that there is no clarity of mind and no direction in development. It always warns to be ready and respond in time to the unpredictability of events or people. 

Bear When Asking About Finances

Upright: financial issues will be promptly resolved, a period of prosperity and stability begins, thanks to the help of an influential person who helps you. If you were experiencing a shortage of cash, then this problem will be eliminated. It is a good time to buy real estate or make investments. 

Reversed: You are being left in the lurch. Reversed Bear Lenormand card means pretense caused by envy. The enemy is cunning and pretends to be a friend, but at some point, will strike you unexpectedly causing lots of financial problems. You need to conceal feelings and intentions and avoid disclosing information and your plans.

FAQ Bear Lenormand card meaning

  • What does the Bear mean in reading Lenormand?

    The list of possible interpretations for this symbol is vast. Most often, it is strength, authority, respect, courage, maturity, wisdom, justice. The bear is often associated with significant male figures in life. This can be, for example, a father, grandfather, spiritual mentor, etc.

  • What is shown on this card?

    Most often, a brown bear is depicted on this card. Sometimes it can be an animal of white color. Also bear can stand with all four paws on the ground or sometimes take a threatening stance.

  • What is this card by number?

    In the Lenormand deck, the Bear card takes 15th position.

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