Key Card Meaning


The Key Lenormand card’s meaning is simple and clear - it is an object that opens and closes. We all know the phrases “the key of truth”, “the key of knowledge”, “the key to happiness” etc. Symbolism captures not only the physical, but also the psychic and mental aspects, it reveals what has been closed. In the Lenormand deck, the Key card opens the door on the path to success and achievement of the desired. Free Lenormand and Tarot reading with meaning and description is available on this page.


Openness, Revelation, Unlocking, Achievement, Liberation, Resolution

Lenormand card meaning of the Key: Upright Meaning

The Tarot card Key foreshadows a close answer to a difficult question, opportunities and paths of development, finding the truth, it allows you to assess the situation and choose the right strategy of action. You will find a way, just be more decisive, because the key is already in your hands, you must act without delay. The main meaning of this card comes from the fact that you can open a lock with a key. Hence, the person will find the exit from the labyrinth, a new stage filled with new fresh tasks and the way out of a sophisticated situation. With the Key card, you will open the doors to changes in your life that will bring good luck. 

Another Key meaning in Tarot cards is secrecy. Revealing a secret can thwart plans and delay, or even completely destroy the possibility of achieving the goal. After all, some details that we would not like to know may come up or, despite the prohibitions, guarantees may be violated, for example, when a password is cracked on your computer. Moreover, the symbol indicates access to many features that are not available to most people for some reason. Now you have many ideas and plans for their practical implementation. In psychoanalysis, the key symbol is associated with male eroticism. 

Lenormand card meaning of the Key: Reversed Meaning

Surrounded by negative cards, the Key Lenormand card meaning  says that the exit has not yet been found, the decision is postponed, most likely you have gone down the wrong path. Your key does not fit the lock, the answer was not found. The person is lost in the maze. The resolution of the issue is postponed.

The Key in a Love Reading

Upright: The meaning of the Tarot card Key in love indicates a reliable partner, stable relationship. Possible transition of relations to a qualitatively new level. This is an important key relationship where trust and openness prevails. Problems, questions and misunderstandings that arise are easily resolved. 

Reversed: If there are negative symbols around, then there is no trust in the relationship. Pay attention to the combinations. For example, "the Heart + the Key" will show us the open soul of a person, or it will help you find a "key" to his heart. If the combination is "the Key + the Coffin", then in a romantic plan you are going to meet a dead end.

The Key When Asking About Careers

Upright: The Key Lenormand card meaning at work says that you should expect lucrative job offers, a good period, you can show off your professional skills and get a promotion. Your work is your calling. No danger of being fired or laid off. You have a new successful project that requires a non-standard approach, possible scientific breakthrough. The Key card speaks of material success based on mental work.

Reversed: The card may also mean that you have changed the wrong way, maybe it’s worth trying yourself in another area. 

The Key When Asking About Finances

Upright: The Key meaning in Tarot cards in material aspect is  the fateful moment and events that must happen. The Key is a talisman card, it gives luck and helps in business. It also says that everything will be fine no matter what! Obstacles will be overcome, doubts and ambiguities will be dispelled. The card also gives a good forecast - you will find a way to make money.

Reversed: The Key in a reversed financial position can mean financial posers that can’t be handled. You need time to find the solution to your problems.

FAQ Lenormand card meaning of the Key

  • What does the Key mean in reading Lenormand?

    The main Key Lenormand card meaning is opening and closing, a solution or a secret. There will be an opportunity to achieve the set goals. What you have dreamed of, now becomes a reality. New beginnings or successful resolution of existing problems.

  • What is shown on this card?

    The card depicts a key, usually old with an intricate groove. Sometimes there is only a key in the picture, sometimes it is on the table, or we see a door, a lock, a cage.

  • What is this card by number?

    It is the 33rd order number of the Lenormand deck.

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