Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards

Find true meaning in the ancient wisdom of the Visconti-Sforza Tarot deck

Visconti-Sforza Tarot deck is considered to be the oldest and the most recognized system of Tarot cards. There are still lots of disputes about where and when the Tarot deck first appeared in its traditional version (22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards). However, being developed in the middle of the 15th century, it is still one of the most flexible mystical tools, that can be adapted even for our modern era. The Bonifacio Bembo painted the luxe deck of cards for the noble Visconti-Sforza Family who ruled Milan in those times:  Filippo Maria Visconti and his son-in-law Francesco Sforza.

Beautifully decorated cards from the Visconti-Sforza Tarot deck have hidden their mystery for centuries but are ready to unveil their true meaning. The uniqueness of this deck is about the fact that women play an equal role in the appearance of figures on the cards. The deck has really important figures like The Empress. And there is such an interesting character as The Popess, the female pope, that represents serenity, loyalty, and moral rectitude. Another thing that is very revealing is the costumes:

  • the cards contain illustrations of militaristic and aristocratic attire;
  • on The Fool card, there is an example of skimpy medieval underwear;
  • the beautiful medieval T-shirt is illustrated on The Hanged Man card;
  • in the deck's pictures, you will also find heraldic motifs.

The most expressive card in the deck that effectively conveys the message is The Wheel of Fortune. In the center, there is blind Fortuna that turns the wheel, the ruler is at the top, and the man at the bottom is about to die. The card reminds us about the ever-changing cycles that every person goes through in life.

Visconti-Sforza Tarot cards as a powerful source of valuable and deep insight

Visconti-Sforza Tarot deck pictures are associated with the power of destiny, occult secrets and mystery, and discovering hidden knowledge. The deck had a drastic impact on the numbering of cards in modern Tarot systems, the interpretation of the obtained divination, and generally, visual aspects of vibrant and meaningful compositions of each card that were created for fortune-telling, future predicting, and gaining the power of control. Here are the strong reasons why this deck of card is still gain the trust of fate seekers:

  1. Impressive exoteric symbols support any of your decision and shape your smooth life path.
  2. The spirituous energy of a particular card leads to its picking, so you get a clear message which you can interpret for gaining clarity in life and reflection about events, situations, and the future.
  3. Cards deliver spiritual guidance which leads to a connection with your inner energy and wisdom.

Visconti-Sforza Tarot deck is invented to provide cognizance, apprehension, and proper perception of the different areas of your life. Free Tarot readings are available on the website, and each card has a clear description so that you can decipher your predictions.

A well-designed digital service can help you to dive into the world of matters outside of human sense perception and uncover the truths in Tarot cards.

FAQ Visconti-Sforza tarot deck

  • What is the oldest Tarot deck?

    The deck for fortune telling that drastically impacted the look of the next cards is considered the Visconti-Sforza one. Each inspiring and beautifully decorated card connects a reader with a deeper and profound understanding of the universe's power.

  • How many cards are in the Visconti-Sforza tarot deck?

    74 splendidly composed cards contain ancient energy and wisdom, help to reveal the truth and find the way out of any challenging situation. The mission is to open up the truth about some of our vulnerabilities, fears, desires.

  • What are the best cards in the Visconti-Sforza tarot deck?

    Each card has its own meaning that can guide you through your life journey. However, the one that symbolizes positive changes and opens up new great opportunities that will have favorable effects on your life is the Fool. So get ready to attain new impressive heights and most wanted goals, reach personal and career growth and spiritual development.

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