Page of Wands Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards Card Meaning

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Page of Wands

This Page of Wands enters new ventures, boldly embodies intentions and implements earlier decisions. This person is endowed with zeal, enthusiasm and faith in the chosen work. In this card, people philosophically look at their existence and have good intentions. Now for the Page it's time to get to know the world. The present is the period of personal growth, the development of creative ideas and self-affirmation. The Page of Wands is usually a young one who discovers the world. This card can indicate the receipt of a message or represent someone who is inspiring or encouraging.


Upright: loyalty, dedication, sincerity, the desire to tell only the truth, good news, new feelings, spontaneous desire to love, powerful potential, lots of opportunities.

Reversed: licentiousness, unrelia

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