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Who We Are

At Free Tarot Reading, our fundamental guiding principle isn't just what we offer but why we offer it. Our core values are to guarantee that every service and insight we provide is crafted with meticulous consideration and purpose, always with the genuine well-being and interests of our users at the forefront. In a world where ancient wisdom harmonizes with modern seekers, we stand as the guiding torch illuminating your journey toward enlightenment. Tarot serves as a profound gateway into understanding the complexities of the human experience and the intricate threads of fate that weave our destinies.

Your Tarot Journey Simplified

Our website is your gateway to the world of Tarot, where understanding the cards and receiving insights has never been easier.

  • Navigate our user-friendly interface effortlessly, designed for both beginners and seasoned practitioners.
  • Tailor your readings with custom spreads, handpick cards with intention, and unlock in-depth interpretations for each draw.
  • Our platform connects you with renowned tarotologists for detailed discussions and additional insights.

Our Mission: Illuminating Lives Through Tarot

At the heart of our endeavor lies a profound mission: to empower individuals in their quest for self-discovery, to provide answers to life's most pivotal questions, and to extend a guiding hand in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

We staunchly believe in the authenticity of Tarot, dispelling myths to reveal it as a genuine instrument capable of offering profound insights. The key to unlocking this mystical world lies in formulating the right questions and channeling one's focus. We offer you to find answers to questions related to various areas of your life. On our website you will find yes or no tarot readings, daily tarot reading, what he is thinking and other types of tarot readings.

Our inspirers

Ellen Cardisson

Ellen Cardisson View profile

Star Seeker, Tarot Reader, Fairy in Daily Life
Ellen Cardisson is a star seeker and accomplished Tarot reader. With a deep-rooted fascination for the mystical, Ellen's connection to Tarot has been a lifelong journey. Having studied at The University of Tampa, Ellen brings both academic rigor and intuitive insight to her Tarot practice. Ellen's unique blend of knowledge and enchantment makes her a sought-after Tarot expert. She views each reading as an opportunity to sprinkle a little magic into the lives of her clients. Ellen's personal readings are open to those seeking guidance and a touch of fairy dust to illuminate their path. Through her Tarot readings, Ellen Cardisson invites you to embrace the enchantment of the unknown and discover the radiant possibilities that await.
Viktoria Blank

Viktoria Blank View profile

Intuitive Tarot Mentor
Viktoria Blank is an intuitive Tarot guide with a wealth of experience in helping individuals navigate life's complexities through the art of Tarot reading. Her journey with Tarot began years ago, driven by a fascination with the cards' ability to unveil profound insights. Viktoria brings a unique blend of intuition and knowledge to her Tarot practice, using the cards as a vessel to reveal hidden truths and offer guidance. Her empathetic and compassionate approach creates a safe space for clients to explore their questions and concerns. With Viktoria Blank as your mentor, you'll set out on a life-altering expedition toward self-exploration and illumination.
Galina Gromova

Galina Gromova View profile

Personalized Tarot Readings, Tarot Instructor
Galina Gromova is a dedicated Tarot practitioner known for her expertise in crafting personalized readings that delve deep into the heart of individual inquiries. Her passion for Tarot goes beyond the cards themselves; it's about the transformative power of tailored insights. In addition to her proficiency in readings, Galina is a respected Tarot instructor, sharing her knowledge and wisdom with others through her course, "Basics of Tarot." With Galina as your guide, you'll uncover the fundamental principles and secrets of Tarot, gaining a solid foundation to embark on your own Tarot journey. Galina Gromova's commitment to providing meaningful, customized readings and her role as a mentor in the realm of Tarot education make her a valuable asset to the Tarot community. Whether seeking personalized guidance or eager to learn the art of Tarot from a seasoned expert, Galina is here to illuminate your path.
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