Tarot Strength Card Meaning


The Strength Tarot Card: Accurate Explanation

How to Interpret Upright Meaning

A deep harmony, recognition of self-awareness, and internal conflicts resolution are the Strength Tarot card meanings. Try to face fears, not suppress them. You can do the right thing regardless of the external factors that affect your path: just tune in to your inner self. Getting the card in an upright way during your reading may also be interpreted as follows:

  • harmony and peacefulness; 

  • fearlessness;

  • spiritual love;

  • the absence of distracting and disturbing thoughts;

  • vitality and the state of being active and highly dynamic.

Analyze your personality, whether all components are harmonized, if you are tuned in to your thoughts and actions. The Strength Tarot card says indirectly of your capability to cope with crises and how self-development helps you to struggle with occurred barriers.

Reversed Meaning of the Most Significant Card

Reversals usually warn about a violation of harmony and internal disharmony, mental weakness, a lack of intuition, fear, anxiety, apprehension, timidity, arrogance, despotism, vanity, abusive force, self-flagellation. Be extremely careful with the Strength card in Tarot, as probably your plans are doomed to failure, as you are afraid of challenges and are not aware of how to deal with them.

The Card in a Love Reading

Upright: struggling with any conflict situation, love will eventually win, and problems will be solved thanks to the efforts of both parties. It is about a strong union in which partners are ready to fight for their prosperous future. Sometimes, the card indicates the relationship between people of different social stratification levels.

Reversed: frequent arguments, inability to find a consensus, intolerance, destructive behavior are the leading messages of an upside-down Strength Tarot card. Your visions, values, and attitudes in life drastically differ.  

The Card When Asking About Careers

Upright: the message of the card can be unfolded as your willingness to work with honesty and integrity. A reader is not frustrated with difficulties, on the contrary, they give the power to fight for growth. The card means that you can straightforwardly direct all your energy to implement projects, showing unwearying zeal in business and realizing plans. You have some talents and creative abilities. The card suggests having a deal with partners on a joint project or actions since then the result will be better. It also means that a person has strong motivation and is not afraid to take risks.  

Reversed: the reversal should alert you. It is about the inability to cope with duties at your workplace, having fears, and unwillingness to fight for development and status.

Strength When Asking About Finances

Upright: money issues and unwanted troubles may sometimes strike you and affect your financial well-being. However, the Strength Tarot card can be interpreted as a strong skill to manage unforeseen events that require an extra budget without any stress and strain.

Reversed: getting the card turned the other way, be careful, as some impulsive purchases may harm you and your personal, and you probably suffer due to the inability to earn funds and manage it wisely.

FAQ Strength Rider Waite card

  • What does Strength mean?

    Obviously, you have huge reserves of internal energy. Thanks to your enhanced desire to win, you can reach impressive heights.

  • What is shown on this card?

    The woman alone and without weapons brings the lion under domination. The animal implies barriers to spiritual development, including fears, passions, doubts that tear the soul apart. Victory over the animal is possible only through self-development and spiritual growth.

  • What is this card by number?

    The card takes the 8th position, symbolizing inner wisdom, balance, and authority.


Strength yes/no

The presence of energy and strength to deal with hampering factors and success-robbing issues is the key meaning of this sign. However, sometimes, one may be confused and it is hard to apply energy correctly. At the same time, the card indicates courage, self-confidence, and firmness in own decisions. It also points to the difference between partners, which leads to a lack of equality. All these meanings are quite controversial, so be ready to:

  • feel free to use your mind potential and internal power to achieve your goals;
  • fight for your values and vision;
  • do not let your passions control you, do not let them draw you into a conflict situation.

There is every chance that you will accomplish all your goals facilely, so no matter in what area of life you are seeking tips, the answer is yes.

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