The Justice Tarot Card Meaning


The Justice is typically depicted as a woman who sits on a chair, or throne, with a set of scales in one hand and a double-edged sword in the other; reminding us that justice is a double-edged sword and that, in calling upon justice, we may be held accountable for our own wrongdoings. In some cards, she may be depicted with a blindfold- which further indicates her impartial nature. Traditionally, Justice is depicted with a purple or red cloak, and surrounded by grey pillars. Purple has been associated with royalty since around the Renaissance, while red was associated with status in ancient Rome.


Upright: Karma, accountability, honesty, law, integrity

Reversed: Dishonesty, retribution, corruption, avoidance of accountability

Upright Meaning

When seen upright, Justice symbolizes truth, fairness, and karma. She encourages you to make decisions with care for consequences and to judge with impartiality. If you’ve been wronged in the past, or are hoping for justice, this card is there to assure you that justice will be served. However, if you’ve been hurting others with your actions, the card may be a warning to reconsider your actions.

Reversed Meaning

Seeing Justice reversed might mean that you need to get your act together. If you’re denying yourself or running away from something, remember that your actions have consequences. Justice may also appear when you are facing a choice to remind you to be impartial. In legal matters, Justice reversed represents an unfair or unacceptable outcome.  

Justice in a Love Reading

Upright: In a relationship reading, the Justice card tells you that you’ll get what you are giving. If you are positive, you’ll soon be able to attract a potential new romance. If you’re already in a relationship, remember that you want to treat your partner fairly. 

Reversed: Seeing Justice reversed in a reading about love might signal a romance or relationship that isn’t fair. Maybe luck isn’t on your side at the moment, or you are setting unrealistic expectations. On the other hand, Justice may remind you to be honest with yourself, especially when it comes to baggage, in a new relationship, and to approach challenges in a new relationship with fairness.

Justice in a Career Reading

Upright: In a career reading Justice encourages you to take responsibility for your actions. Remember, your honesty will inspire trust and respect from others. If you’re facing a conflict at work, Justice is on your side so long as you’ve been honest and fair.

Reversed: When seen in a career reading, Justice reversed may warn of an unfair situation at work. You may be undermined or forced to take the blame for someone else. Fighting at this moment in time, however, may not be the best course of action. The appearance of Justice may be a warning to change bad habits if you’re being dishonest or avoiding accountability at work.

Justice in a Finances 

Upright: In a reading about finances, Justice reminds you about fairness and balance when it comes to finances. As long as you maintain balance, you should not be too worried.

Reversed: Seeing Justice reversed in a financial reading warns you to examine your finances as there may be some dishonesty present. If you’re confiding in someone about your finances, ensure that this person is trustworthy.

Justice yes/no

Basically, the card symbolizes fairness and an objective assessment of the merits and demerits of a person. A balance between feelings and reason supports your every decision and leads to success. The sword depicted on the card indicates justice, strength, and courage. This is a positive card that carries a large amount of positive energy, however, warns about tests that await one ahead, to overcome which it is needed to stock up on strength and patience. But your inner power is enough to fend off all the life challenges. At the same time, the outcome of your actions and decisions is not clear, therefore it is difficult to determine the answer yes or no with this symbol. This unclear answer must promote deeper thinking and motive to act.

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