Ten of Wands Card Meaning

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Ten of Wands

The man carrying the bundle of wands continues to fight the vicissitudes of Fate, bearing a heavy burden. This card may hint: for your own health and well-being, drop the load. You have taken on too many responsibilities. The Ten may also indicate that a person is at a dead end, carrying an exorbitant burden. 

You are likely to become successful, though the past can hinder the advancement of new efforts. By doing hard work, a person will achieve the intended goal, prosperity and recognition. However, in order to maintain social status at the highest level and succeed in business, you need to put a lot of effort.


Upright: unbearable load, possible success, great responsibility, change for the better, many opportunities, active social life, marriage due to circumstances, crisis in relationships, overwhelmness, 

Reversed: low social activity, treason, disappointment, intricacy, feeling limited, uncontrollable circumstances, loneliness, unsureness, excessive pressure in relations, loss of happiness in a family life, working burden, money difficulties.

Ten of Wands Upright

You are going to have a new creative period in life, the influx of strength and energy.  Moreover, you will liberate from the outdated principles that hold back your development. It’s a perfect time for the implementation of plans and intentions. This person has professional growth and is good at protecting their own achievements. Lots of business trips and travelling. Ability to notice someone else's point of view and accept the critics. Sometimes this card indicates overload with work and responsibilities.

Ten of Wands Reversed

Due to the lack of development, the reversed Ten of Wands will face many obstacles and difficulties. Definitely, all these factors will cause mental and physical stress, despair and discouragement. The person suffers from loneliness, ange and diffidence. Possible losses and the lack of development opportunities. This card may be a warning about a negative influence from the outside, the need to part with the past. Not enough changes or their reluctance.

Ten of Wands in Love

Upright: One of the meanings of the Ten of Wands in a relationship is a troubled period that requires a person's great endurance, strength and patience. A crisis in family life, a time of protracted quarrels, misunderstandings, conflicts, difficult situations that cannot be solved immediately. 

Another version of the interpretation is taking on overwhelming obligations that a person is simply not able to fulfill. One more meaning of this card is a relationship formed under the pressure of circumstances. For example, marriage due to pregnancy or the desire of parents. Some kind of pressure always passes along the Ten, which may turn out to be sexual as well.

Reversed: The inverted Ten of Wands in a relationship can mean one of two things: either a person runs away from oppressive circumstances, or it will be a kind of "overload", a feeling of brokenness, loss of joy in life, optimism, faith in a bright future. In the second case, a questioner feels buried under a monstrous blockage, which will take a lot of time and effort to disassemble.

Ten of Wands in Career

Upright: These people strive to work as much as possible, which often ends up with professional burnout and health problems. Their job requires a lot of time and effort, usually accompanied by hard working conditions and overwhelmness. It’s beneficial to take a break from such an activity. 

Reversed: The card means the desire to escape from the burden that has fallen on the shoulders, throw off all responsibilities and get rid of this oppressive drag. Be careful not to end up with various consequences, including losing your loved one and health due to overworking.

Ten of Wands in Finances

Upright: The Ten predicts significant changes at work and new business opportunities. In monetary terms - the burden of financial problems, constant loss of money, which is never ending (for example, renovating an apartment, building your own house).

Reversed: The person experiences financial difficulties because of a lack of creativity and talent.  In material matters - a situation when you want to spit and send everything to hell, despite the hopes of earning money, or finances earned too hard. In an attempt to pursue wealth, you have overdriven yourself. 

Ten of Wands yes/no

This is a symbolic image of an individual who has taken on an unbearable burden of responsibility, which one will not be able to hold due to the range of factors and circumstances. The sign suggests getting rid of this burden at least partly. It is also recommended to think about why you are encumbered with this weight. People who are obsessed with their work usually get this card. If a person does not change such a lifestyle, one will soon face a physical or moral decline in strength, which may end in failure in any life aspect.
Harsh times have come in your life: troubles have surrounded you from all sides, and you don't see the way out. You are too tired and discouraged, and therefore do not have the power to generate the solution. It is impossible to act anymore but to be able to achieve more, you just need a good rest. The answer to your question is no, as the overall tone of this symbol is negative.

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