King of Pentacles Card Meaning

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The King of Pentacles is often depicted as a sophisticated man sitting on a throne.

The King of Pentacles holds a scepter in one hand and a golden pentacle in the other, demonstrating his achievements. The pentacles, as a suite, are connected to the earth element and thus represent the physical world including money and physical pleasures. So, naturally, the King of Pentacles, as king of his suite epitomizes these qualities and material achievements.


Upright: Prosperity, safety, protection, business, abundance

Reversed: Wastefulness, poor decision making, chauvinism, greed

King of Pentacles Upright Meaning

The King of Pentacles is often associated with wisdom, generosity, and hard work. The card definitely has strong male energy, which may indicate a male figure in your life, or one who is coming soon into your life.

King of Pentacles Reversed Meaning   

When reversed, the King of Pentacles effectively falls from the throne and loses some of his virtues. This card represents overindulgence, seeking short cuts, or too much focus on the material world, which can lead you to focus on the superficial meaning of things without truly understanding their value.

King of Pentacles in a Love Reading     

Upright: In a love reading, the King of Pentacles represents someone who is a great parent and provider. This could be a man or someone with strong masculine energy. The person represented by this card is generally dependable and protective, they are often someone who is also successful.
If you’re already in a relationship, the King of Pentacles can also represent a period of calm and stability.  

Reversed: Seeing the King of Pentacles in reading suggests someone who is materialist, stubborn of chauvinistic. This may represent a controlling partner or a partner who is squandering resources.

King of Pentacles in a Career Reading     

Upright: In a reading about career, the King of Pentacles represents a successful business venture. The card may also symbolize a mentor who will cross your path and provide you with good advice and encouragement. Keep in mind, however, that the individual represented by the King of Pentacles can also be a tough taskmaster- they’re definitely trying to help, but they may be coming off as harsh.

Reversed: Seeing the King of Pentacles in reverse might represent the loss of a project or an unsuccessful venture. The appearance of this card also may be a warning of instability at work. Instead of concentrating on the selfishness and greed, focus on ethics and doing your best. If you’re looking for a big job change or promotion, the King of Pentacles in reverse warns that you may need more experience before you can successfully advance.

King of Pentacles in a Finances Reading    

Upright: When seen in a reading about finances this card signifies financial achievement. The King of Pentacles also encourages you to be generous with your newfound wealth.

Reversed: Seeing the King of Pentacles in reverse during a reading about finances, the card serves as a warning of serious financial loss. However, this loss is not circumstantial but rather due to your own irresponsible behavior. The card may also appear if you’re being stingy, which can negatively affect how others see you.

King of Pentacles yes/no

This is a symbol of financial well-being and prosperity. If you have been losing a feeling of solid ground under your feet, you will get rid of this unpleasant emotional state. The card is best combined with success and does not get along with spiritual growth. An individual is always ready to prove one's words with deeds and will stop at nothing for the sake of a set goal. So the answer is yes, especially if you are asking about finances and enrichment. Financial achievements and practical benefits from work are a top priority. Remember that King symbolizes reliability and dedication.

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