Meaning of Tarot Card Judgement


Judgement is typically depicted as people rising from the grave In response to a trumpet. The card is tied to the idea of the final judgment- one that all people will face after death. While the idea is popular in Christianity, there are many religions around the world that believe in callings, and judgments, from a higher power.
Judgement is associated with the planet Pluto, which is named for the god of the underworld. It is Pluto who rules over the real of the dead and who is in charge of ensuring that justice is served in his realm.


Upright: Renewal, reflection, awakening, reckoning

Reversed: Self-loathing, failure to learn a lesson, self-doubt

Judgement Upright

Seeing Judgement in a reading calls us to focus on reflection and evaluation. The card may signify something significant coming in your life or even a period of awakening. The card may also warn of an upcoming choice that needs to be made with introspection.

Judgement Reversed

Seeing Judgement reversed may be a sign that you are judging yourself, or others, too harshly. The card may also call you to reflect on lessons you’ve learned recently as these lessons may be important for the future.

Judgement in a Love Reading

Upright: Seeing Judgement in a love reading encourages you to take a closer look at your love life in order to figure out what needs to be changed. If you’re having issues with your partner, open and honest communication may be key to success.
This card also tells you that your past actions- both good and bad- are catching up with you

Reversed: This card in a love reading means that you may be placing blame unfairly in your relationship. The appearance of this card signals that compromise is the key to keeping your relationship stable.

If you’re single, the card may encourage you to face truths that you’ve previously tried to ignore.

Judgement in a Career Reading

Upright: Seeing Judgement in a career reading might mean that you’ll soon find your calling. However, this calling may call for changes in your current work life. This might mean finding a new job, but it could also be a warning to take responsibility for your actions and to be aware of how your actions affect others.

Reversed: Seeing this card reversed is a sign to give yourself a break if you’ve been too hard on yourself. However, if you’re stuck in a career situation that isn’t ideal, you may need to be honest about your own shortcomings.

Judgement in a Finances Reading

Upright: Judgement in a reading about finances calls you to re-examine your relationship with money. This might mean reevaluation, and possibly illuminating, financial habits that are getting you into trouble. However, this card may also encourage you to find new ways to think about your resources to create a more stable financial future.

Reversed: Seeing Judgement reversed might mean that you’re stuck in a pattern about financial decisions. This financial pattern might mean serve you well, but it also might be leading to financial trouble.

Judgement yes/no

The sign stands for yes since it symbolizes growth, endeavors, and spiritual rebirth. Breaking that old, stubborn bad habits, complexes, and fears supports your renewal at all levels. You can expect something new enters your life, and therefore it takes on new shades and meanings. You will be up to the most difficult tasks. For a creative person, it means the rise of artistic imagination, the flowering of inspiration, as well as the trial of new forms. Start the search for hidden potential and be ready to get rid of unfulfilled desires and adventurous ideas. The limits and hurdles will disappear, and you will be able to think freely.

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