Best Tarot Spreads for Guidance

Best Tarot Spreads for Guidance

Tarot spreads are typically sought after when people want a reading from the cards. You will experience times when you feel hopeless and need direction and clarity. This is the time that you will need a tarot spread for guidance. 

You might get the assistance you need by consulting the tarot decks. You may obtain the answers you need by using the tarot spreads for the general direction and clarity provided.

Life Tarot Spread for Guidance

Are you searching for general advice but are still determining what you want? Then tarot card spreads for guidance will be what you're seeking among the ones we've chosen.

The following tarot spread is the fundamental framework for Parvati's spread. It features a straightforward pattern of five different tarot cards to offer basic life advice. Each represents your past, present, and future with an additional card in the deck. Finally, the fifth card signifies taking necessary action. The fourth tarot deck represents Inspiration.

Set the very first three tarot cards side by side, from left to right. Laterally, between the first and the second, and between the second and third, you will find the inspiration and action tarot spread for guidance in life.  

Your past

Your past represents the first card you draw; place it to the left; it might relate to a particular experience or relationship. You will be able to identify the past experience this card refers to and determine whether you should reconsider or let go.

The second card is your gift

This tarot card pertains to your present. This tarot spread for guidance is right in the first tarot deck. The cards will represent where you are right now, which could be related to someone's personality, particular experience, career, or relationship. This may indicate that you need to change something about your life.

Future on the third card

The final card in this row symbolizes your future. It is at the right of the present tarot deck. This will represent a forthcoming transformation in your life or perhaps the beginning of a brand-new adventure. This card may represent various things because it is part of a tarot spread for general guidance. Perhaps you have yet to have a different career path, a new or flourishing relationship, or a special life experience.

Your Inspiration shows on Card #4.

The fourth card you drew, which will represent your Inspiration, will be positioned above the first and second cards. This will be significant to your personal life. It represents a personality attribute or outside force that serves as the motivation for a past, current, or future situation you will need to cope with or prepare for.

Fifth Card — Things You Need To Do

The final card is on the right of the fourth card. This tarot spread for guidance will represent the steps you need to take. As of this point, you are aware of the past, present, and possible future experiences—as well as the controlling elements involved—for which you may have needed extra direction. You will receive the counsel you need from this final card, which will tell you what steps to take in relation to the first three cards.

The tarot spread for clarity

Alternatively, you may know the issues you want more advice on but are unsure how to handle the problems in your life. This tarot spread gives you the clarity you're looking for from the two featured in this article.

Your greatest worry or concern in life is on the first card

You will draw a card starting with the leftmost of the two cards in the middle. This card will either represent your greatest nightmare in life that is preventing you from moving forward or your largest diversion in life that is diverting your attention from where it should be.

Second Card: Where Your Focus Needs To Concentrated On

The second card chosen will be on the right of the initial one. This tarot guidance spread represents a situation that requires your attention. You might redirect your focus to this card's message by diverting your attention from your biggest nightmare or other distraction.

The memory you are required to let rid of is the third card.

Your third card represents a past event you wish to get over. It is the one farthest to the left. As the situation portrayed by this card will remain unresolved and exhausting on your energies, you will grasp what it is telling you.

Fourth Card: An Important Prior Experience

The fourth card you have selected will stand for a practical prior experience. This spiritual guidance tarot spread falls between the first and third cards. By remembering this past instance, you might find the wisdom you need in the present. Make use of your prior experience to inform your future decisions.

Fifth Card: A Developmental Area

The fifth card is the spiritual spread tarot for clarity. This tarot spread for guidance falls on the right of the second tarot you draw. It represents an area for growth. Perhaps there is anything you need to work on more to gain the clarity you'll have in your life down the road—a talent, a connection, or a career route.

The Sixth Card: Your Future Step

The card next to the fifth card and far to the right is the future step for you. If you're hoping to grow and progress in your future life, this card—possibly one of the most significant from the spread—will reveal to you a crucial next move.

Your Inner-Strength, the seventh card

The final card you draw, which symbolizes your inner strength, is placed underneath the first and second cards. This could point to a particular personality quirk or mindset that you might not even know you have. Alternatively, it can be one that you might pick up later. Make sure you rely on your inner power to direct you toward the proper course in life.

Outside Influence, the eighth card (Help Or Advisor)

The third card you will draw, which appears at the top of the first and second cards, will stand for an outside force in your life. This external force typically represents a person who is already in your life or who will be introduced to you and will offer you support and direction to find the clarity you're looking for.

Final thoughts

I hope you found more options to employ in your tarot readings if you've been looking for the best tarot spread for guidance.

Nonetheless, if you are new to tarot and are inquisitive about how the spreads might appear, you should know that just about every spread is adaptive and flexible. The ability to adapt is something that, as discussed in the article, may be very helpful to us when it relates to different scenarios in which we need assistance.

Choosing the appropriate spreads for your circumstance and understanding your deck is crucial. There are techniques to improve the effectiveness of a tarot spread's guidance for life, not laws.

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