Three of Pentacles Card Meaning

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Three of Pentacles traditionally shows three men in front of a church or temple with three pentacles depicted above them- often carved into an archway. The three men seem to be discussing something in an orderly fashion; to understand that collaboration is key to success. Like all cards in the Pentacles suit, the Three of pentacles are connected to the earth and are rooted in the material world.


Upright: Collaboration, effort, teamwork

Reversed: Competition, ego, conflict

Upright Meaning

When seen upright, the Three of Pentacles, like the other three’s in tarot, represents the collection of resources and requirements. The appearance of this card means that you have the necessary resources to pursue your goal. The card also implies that you may be working together as a team on a bigger project and that your combination of skills will help bring success.

Reversed Meaning

When seen in reverse, this card warns that a lack of teamwork might undermine the situation. When the ego gets involved and conflict develops, the project will suffer despite having the necessary component of skills.

Three of Pentacles in a Love Reading

Upright: When seen upright in a love reading, the Three of Pentacles encourages teamwork. If you’re single, you might find love through work partnerships or hobbies. If you’re in a relationship, the card encourages you to take on projects with your partner in order to help each other- might be home improvement projects or creative hobbies.

Reversed: Seeing Three of Pentacles in reverse in a love reading points to trouble working together with your partner. This might mean that one partner is taking on more in the relationship than the other. If you’re looking for a partner, make sure that you are able to work together on a practical level as well as in terms of emotions.   

Three of Pentacles in a Career Reading

Upright: The Three of Pentacles in a career reading is a sign that now is the time to work with others. By pooling your collective ideas and resources, you will be able to attain success on a project and achieve your individual goals. Even if you typically work alone, finding a partner- even temporarily- who can round out your skills is beneficial.

The Three of Pentacles can also mean that you’ll be able to handle any upcoming challenges in your career life and that you’re in a period of learning to further your qualifications in the future.
Reversed: When Three of Pentacles turns up reversed in a career reading, you may be facing a frustrating situation at work due to a breakdown in communication or lack of cooperation. This card suggests that you check your team and your workflow. If you’re in school, the card suggests that you may not be doing as well as you can due to a lack of motivation.

Three of Pentacles in Finances

Upright: When seen upright, the Three of Pentacles indicates that you may benefit by working with someone who has more experience than yourself. This might mean asking help from a friend who’s great at budgeting or going to a professional for advice on investment opportunities. On the other hand, this can also be a period of learning how to better manage your finances.

Reversed: Three of Pentacles reversed means that you might be reluctant to learn about financial matters. You may feel intimidated by the concept of savings, credit scores, and investment. However, your lack of knowledge may hurt your financial future in the long run.

Three of Pentacles yes/no

The difficulties were left behind, and this happened due to the fact that a lot of efforts were made to overcome them. Dreams have come true thanks to your diligence and determination. This sign can also be interpreted as follows:
spiritual growth, so your knowledge that has been accumulated over the years is beginning to give results;
it is necessary to pay more attention to the main thing, without being distracted by insignificant details which although can give short-term results are in fact absolutely needless;
you need to focus on your skills, knowledge, and professional growth.
The sign does not guarantee a positive result, but it does not portend bad luck, so most likely your answer is yes. It is also a symbol of a passed life exam and a transition to a new level.

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