Ten of Pentacles Card Meaning

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Ten of Pentacles 

The meaning of Ten Pentacles of Tarot, as a rule, is success or fulfillment of a desire, a positive answer to a fortuneteller's question. However, this doesn’t mean that the path to success will be easy. In order to achieve what you want, you have to try hard. This card is called the symbol of wealth, which is inherited or literally falls from the sky. It reminds us to be grateful for good fortune and to celebrate what goes right into our hands, as well as to share it with family members, friends and loved ones. Life lessons, accumulating, create a single whole.


Upright: success, reliability, safety, hardworking, financial balance, prosperity, new opportunities.

Reversed: money problems, unjustified risks, lack of support, inner emptiness, "black streak" in life, greed.

Ten of Pentacles Upright

At the end of the path the person will be awarded for all their doings. The card means financial stability, safeness, emotional and material well-being. Such people have a close connection with family and friends, they are devoted to traditions. It’s recommended not only striving to earn money, but trying to take up other activities or hobbies. Long-term prosperity is only possible through wisdom and understanding, spiritual wealth and power over your emotions.

Ten of Pentacles Reversed

The Ten of Pentacles promises success. However, the road to this stage in your life will be incredibly long. It can be so long that success won’t be particularly pleasing. Perhaps you should change your mind to take on the conceived project altogether. Working on it threatens the loss of honor, reputation and friendship between those who will be associated with the project.

Ten of Pentacles in Love

Upright: Ten of Pentacles tells of good relations between family members, the ability to find a common language with parents and other older relatives, as well as the talent to raise children. The fortuneteller awaits a wonderful period with their soulmates. 

Reversed: Something interferes with good family relations, but it’s quite possible to achieve mutual understanding if you get rid of the obstacle. If fortune-telling is performed on the family and relatives, then serious troubles are possible, including scandals, quarrels, wrong actions in relation to a partner. What you wanted to hide will be revealed. 

Ten of Pentacles in Career

Upright: The card advises to take a closer look at the workflow. If you manage to unearth something interesting and non-standard, you can gain valuable experience that will come in handy in the future. Even if you are tired of your job, there are chances to discover some new nuances that will dilute the routine. Relations with colleagues and superiors will be smooth.

Reversed: The Ten of Pentacles indicates a possible serious mistake through your fault, which will destroy your reputation. There is a possibility of a deterioration in relationships at work, which will seriously affect your future career. Victory in difficult endeavors.

Ten of Pentacles in Finances

Upright: Stable financial situation in business and work. Everything will go the way it does, if everything is alright with your material state now. It’s also possible to make lucrative deals, achieve a better salary, get more interesting job affairs. You may think of buying a home or starting a new business. 

Reversed: Dissatisfaction with your position. Search for benefits. Parents may experience financial difficulties. Possible losing of inheritance, extravagance. Isolation at work or dismissal. Quarrels and discord over money.