Ten of Cups Card Meaning

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Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups in a straight line position 
You are accepting and trusting of yourself. You can now overcome any difficulties and achieve your desired goals because you have reached the highest level of control in your life. The Tarot card of the Ten of Cups is associated with deep and pure feelings, so you can free yourself from any illusions and find freedom from self-deception. You are able to find joy in communicating with others and experience true happiness and a sense of deep gratitude. It symbolizes the culmination of what is happening, the highest level of equilibrium, and the fulfillment of desires. The Ten of Cups brings a great sense of satisfaction, triumph, victory and success. Moreover, all problems are solved.

Ten of Cups reversed
Associated with the inversion are feelings of tension and anxiety, a state of irritation and impatience, and a loss of a sense of life's consonance. Because the card is associated with family matters, it can mean unpleasant disagreements, frequent quarrels, tense situations or heated psychological atmosphere that can provoke scandals and quarrels. Pursuits and aspirations are shattered and reality becomes bitter and sometimes even painful.  

The old symbolism and predictions of the inverted Ten of Cups were much more negative and angry. In addition to tensions and misunderstandings, it could even be a strong warning of aggression and even violent action.

The Ten of Cups. Love
In direct position: you and your partner share the same values, vision and outlook. Strong feelings and sexual compatibility are a great foundation for a harmonious union. If you're single, don't despair, as the Tarot card of the Ten of Cups promises you that a soul mate will soon be found.

The Ten of Cups Reversed Love : Symbolizing a loveless marriage where there is no emotional and spiritual connection between partners, you must reconsider your union, as indifference and lack of empathy, concern or interest can lead to the greatest disappointment in your life. The Ten of Cups can predict a separation when a person is forced to leave home and family, or conversely, after a long separation, family members cannot reunite due to some external factors.

Career. Tarot Ten of Cups
Straight: you are expected to succeed and achieve your goals in the professional sphere due to the perfect partnership with your colleagues and management. You work as a team toward one common goal that benefits every member. You are passionate about your work and have enough enthusiasm to move forward with impressive results. 

The reversed ten of cups means career readings : routine work, unfriendly peers, and dissatisfaction with your work are the main caveats of a reversal in terms of your professional growth. Business and unresolved issues pile up day after day, remaining unresolved.

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