Ten of Cups Card Meaning

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Explaining the Ten of Cups card

Ten of cups upright Meaning

You accept and trust yourself. Now, you can overcome any challenges and attain the desired goals since you've gained the highest level of control in your life. The Ten of Cups Tarot card is associated with deep and pure feelings, so you can release yourself from any kind of illusion and find freedom from self-deception. You are capable of finding joy in communicating with others and experiencing true happiness and a feeling of deep gratitude. It symbolizes the culminating period of what is happening, the highest level of balance, as well as the fulfillment of desires. Ten of Cups brings a great sense of satisfaction, triumph, victory, and success. Moreover, all troubles are resolved.

Ten of cups reversed Meaning

Feelings of tension and anxiety, the state of being annoyed and impatient, loss of a sense of life consonance are associated with the reversal.  Since the card is connected to family affairs, it can mean unpleasant disagreements, frequent arguments, tense situations or intensified psychological atmosphere that can provoke scandals and quarrels. Pursuits and aspirations are shattered and reality becomes bitter and sometimes even painful.  

The older symbolism and predictions of the Ten of Cups that comes up upside-down were much more negative and spiteful. Apart from tense ambiance and misunderstanding, it can even be a strong warning about aggression and even violent events.

Ten of cups love Reading

Upright: you and your partner share the same values, vision, and attitudes. Strong feelings and sexual compatibility are the great foundation for a harmonious union. If are lonely, don't get despair since the Ten of Cups Tarot card promises you that soon your kindred spirit will be found.

Ten of cups reversed love: symbolizing a marriage without love, where there is no emotional and spiritual connection between partners, you must re-consider your union, as indifference and lack of sympathy, concern, or interest can lead to the biggest disappointment in your life. The Ten of Cups may predict separation, where a person is forced to leave home and family, or vice versa, after a long separation, family members cannot reunite due to some external factors.

When Asking About ten of cups tarot career

Upright: success and accomplishment of the set objectives await you in the professional field due to perfect partnership with colleagues and management. You work as one team towards one common goal that brings benefits to every member. You are passionate about your job and have enough enthusiasm to move forward, delivering impressive outcomes. 

Ten of cups reversed meaning career reading: routine work, the unfriendly attitude of coworkers, dissatisfaction with your performance are the main warnings of the reversal in terms of your professional growth. Matters and unsolved issues pile up day after day, remaining unresolved.

When Asking About ten of cups future finances

Upright: you can be sure that some kind of bonus or reward will be given to you in recognition of your effort and excellent achievement. Other interpretations of powerful Ten of Cups are:

  • stability, so no unforeseen troubles will hit you unexpectedly;

  • good reward for a successfully completed project; 

  • understanding that money is not a foremost factor for a happy life;

  • sometimes, it can be a sign for buying your own house, apartment.

Reversed: the unstable period and crisis can cause you a headache, so be ready to fight difficulties that can be triggered by a cash shortage.

FAQ Ten of Cups Tarot card meaning

  • What does the card mean in reading Rider-Waite?

    Struggling with troubles in any aspect of your life, the card is a good omen since predicts a quick change in the situation for a better and beneficial resolution.

  • What is shown on this card?

    A couple united by the bonds of eternal love is illustrated on the beautifully decorated card. A house is a symbol of a protective shield, while happy kids inspire confidence that all your dreams will come true.

  • What is this card by number?

    The card takes the 10th position in the Minor Arcana.