Lily Card Meaning


Like other flowers, the Lily Lenormand card meaning is dual, symbolizing life and death, virginity and fertility, female and male principles. The lily flower is associated with the number 6 and the hexagram, which means harmony and peace. Initially, the Lily was associated with fertility and female chthonic deities - givers of life and death.  Originally in Christianity, this flower was used as an attribute of the holy virgins. Nowadays this card is a symbol of purity, sublimity, innocence and chosenness.Tarot free reading and description is available on our resource.


Sensuality, Virtue, Achievement, Morality, Ethics, Honor, Wisdom

Lenormand card meaning of the Lily: Upright Meaning

The card speaks of purity of intentions, sincerity, and high ideals. A virtuous life, noble deeds, striving for the ideal and gaining success on this path are associated with it. Everything is of the highest class. In an everyday aspect, it speaks of our achievements. Often describes the military and doctors, those who serve the ideals, high goals, charity. In most cases, the Lily of Tarot cards speaks of a highly privileged position, status, a person from the highest circles, the cream of society.

A particular aspect of Lily’s card is antiquity. Everything it talks about has a story, for example, iems from the past, antiques, retro, vintage. This point can include both pregnancy and the rise in stocks. That is why the Lilies, speaking about a time interval, usually foreshadow something long, slow, gradual. In most cases, the card indicates a man, but sometimes a woman, the key word here is "the elderly". 

Lenormand card meaning of the Lily: Reversed Meaning

In a negative aspect, the Lily Lenormand card meaning is exaltation, the refinement of a person. He got too far away from the Earth, everyday issues, noble aristocracy turned into arrogance, vanity, pretentiousness, contempt for everyone who is lower in status. So, the main meaning in a reversed position is an idle, meaningless lifestyle. In various Lily Lenormand combinations, this symbol means conflict, failure and grief. The loss of its former greatness and all privileges.

The Lily in a Love Reading

Upright: The card identifies a long union, mature relationship. Your loved one worships you, you are an ideal and a dream for him. If a person is alone, a beautiful relationship awaits you.

The Lily of Tarot cards in love is about romanticism, exalted emotions, enthusiasm of feelings, beautiful courtship, complete mutual understanding in a couple, good sex as the highest manifestation of love. In most cases, the symbol can fall out to a young couple, who are still virgins. 

Reversed: Tiger lilies (of a red color) mean anxiety and sexual desire, because of what the person is likely to lose his head. 

The Lily When Asking About Careers

Upright: This card is about honesty and nobility, a good high position. Lily’s card is a sign that you are doing your business, have extraordinary abilities for it and can build a good career, become an authority or celebrity in your field. Another meaning is support, patronage or job promotion. At work, the person occupies a high position, has luggage of experience, approval and praise from the authorities. A person is respected in the team, he enjoys authority. The card does not mean monetary incentives, rather it is a standout from the masses: a board of honor, a certificate, a medal. This card falls out when a person is in his place. Finally, the Lile may indicate that the person has retired.

Reversed: Another Lily Lenormand card meaning is a loss of former greatness and all privileges from colleagues. The person drove himself into a hole and lost the job.

The Lily When Asking About Finances

Upright: The Lily Lenormand speaks of slowly accumulating savings, long-term investments, bonds, stocks, retirement. Possible receipt of money (salary increase, funding, grants, sponsorship, philanthropist).  

Reversed: The person experiences financial difficulties due to their lifestyle and habits. Depending on Lily Lenormand combinations, you may identify the acute problems and reasons for that.

FAQ Lenormand card meaning of the Lily

  • What does the Lily mean in reading Lenormand?

    The main Lily Lenormand card meaning is happy omens and good prospects. A virtuous life, noble deeds are associated with it. The Lily card always speaks of something sublime, of striving for the ideal and finding success on this path. It’s all about achievement, social recognition and honor.

  • What is shown on this card?

    Traditionally, the card depicts a bouquet of lilies. They can be of any color, such as tiger lilies are depicted in the Cherry and Purple Twilight deck.

  • What is this card by number?

    Lilies occupy the 30th order number of the deck and correspond to the playing card of the King of Spades.

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