Sun Card Meaning


The Sun Lenormand card meaning is very simple and understandable to everyone. This is a symbol of the Highest Cosmic Power, God. The Sun opposes the forces of evil, driving away the night. It gives life to everything on Earth equally, regardless of personal merit. It does not pour out its light, which is why they say, it sends us Grace. Also, the card symbolizes fertility, and thanks to sunsets and sunrises - renewal and recreation. As a symbol of immortality, the sun has become a halo (holy light) in the images of saints. The Sun symbolizes a man, and the Moon symbolizes a woman. According to ancient tradition, the image of the father is associated with this symbol. However, the Sun also has negative aspects - when it gets too hot, it provokes drought and, therefore, hunger. There is free Tarot and Lenormand reading and description on our page. 


Happiness, Victory, Success, Power, Warmth, Truth

Lenormand card meaning of the Sun: Upright Meaning

The Sun of life Tarot is one of the best cards in the deck. This applies not only to Lenormand, but also to the Tarot. If a person is sick, then he will soon recover, if a person is in sorrow, then soon the despondency will be removed due to a pleasant event or a successful solution of the problem, if a person has conceived a new project - its successful implementation.

The Sun provides a powerful nourishment allowing a person to achieve record results. With an active 31st card, a Questioner looks to the future with optimism and joy. The sun encourages us to take actions and reach success. Also, the Sun of Tarot cards speaks of a well-deserved victory and honors, tk. It symbolizes fame, recognition, fame, splendor and triumph. The fact that the Sun gives its light and warmth to everyone makes it the embodiment of goodness and care, help and hope. The Sun, like the Tree, is a signifier of health, since this is our most important wealth.

Lenormand card meaning of the Sun: Reversed Meaning

The negative Sun Lenormand card meaning is temporary failures. They will go away in the same way as burns on the body go. On the way to happiness, you will face surmountable obstacles. In traditional symbolism, the Sun is also a sign of the comprehension of the truth, since everything becomes clear in its light. Therefore, the Sun card can also denote insight and the discovery of secrets that are rarely particularly pleasant.

The Sun in a Love Reading

Upright: The Sun Tarot cards may indicate a period of sincere emotional relationship, a happy family. All plans and ideas for the person we love will come true. The Sun card is a harbinger of the fact that the couple will stay together. With such passionate cards as the Snake, the Lilies and the Heart, this symbol will mean a passionate stormy relationship. 

For a woman, the Sun speaks of the possibility of self-realization through the "soul mate". In combinations with the House or the Bear, the card indicates a promising wealthy husband (House, Bear). If you are alone, you are likely to begin a new relationship that will be filled with romance and passion. If the partners have quarrelled - reconciliation (freshness of feelings, a new round in the relationship).

Reversed: In a negative meaning, the Sun gives egoism to one of the partners with all the ensuing consequences.

The Sun When Asking About Careers

Upright: The Sun Lenormand card meaning in job is about success in business, nice career, perspective job. You are likely to achieve career advancement and a flourish of the company. Your work is joyful thanks to your friendly team.

Reversed: The card may also mean that you will face several work difficulties, but you will soon or later handle them.

The Sun When Asking About Finances

Upright: the Sun of life Tarot  A reliable source of income.  The sun looks like a gold coin, and in gypsy correspondence it goes along the Ace of Tambourine - one of the money cards. 

A favorable period for starting new businesses, launching large projects, signing long-term contracts and investments.

Reversed: The person will suffer from some financial problems, but it’s just a temporary barrier.

FAQ Lenormand card meaning of the Sun

  • What does the Sun mean in reading Lenormand?

    The main Sun Lenormand card meaning is about a period of good fortune, optimism and well-being in all life areas.

  • What is shown on this card?

    The card depicts the sun in the foreground, a clear sky, scattering clouds and a peaceful landscape. The Sun is a very hot card.

  • What is this card by number?

    The card is occupied by the 31st serial number of the deck.

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