Moon Card Meaning


At once it is worth nothing that this card can be initially mistaken for those people that are actively using Tarot. Yes, there is a similar arkan, which seems to be a more gloomy symbol that immerses us in the suspicion where there are lurks, complexes and illusions. However,  in Lenorman the Moon Lenormand card meaning is considered more positive. Let’s take a close look at the meaning of this symbol. You may find a full list of Tarot free reading, meaning and description on this website.


Subconscious, Intuition, Emotions, Fears, Desires, Fantasy

Lenormand card meaning of the Moon: Upright Meaning

The Tarot card Moon includes a large number of symbols. We all remember that this indecent light provides a great influence on the life of all living things. Depending on the phase, our emotional and mental state may change. The symbol from ancient times is saturated with the aura of the magic of enigmas, mystery, witchcraft, fantasy, dreams and illusions. There were many moon goddesses, like Diana, Hekata, Bendida, Selena, etc.

In the small Lenorman deck, the accent falls on the female energetic filling of the moon, and not on the dark side. Although all the same, these moments should not be forgotten. First of all, it is a human soul, emotions, sensibility and perception of the world. The symbol is able to indicate a pleasant time interval for the sphere of chosen activity. Another Moon meaning in Tarot cards is a mother, femininity and energy storage of yin. The sign includes the power connection with the precursors, the relation inside the family.

Lenormand card meaning of the Moon: Reversed Meaning

A reversed Moon Lenormand card meaning is about phobias. We shouldn’t forget that the indecent light is able to turn the dark face to us. In this case, all the dark sides of our character begin to appear. These are problems, complexes, psychic clamps, illusions, mysteries, motions, dark magic and negative external action. 

The Moon in a Love Reading

Upright: In the case of love, the Tarot card Moon is able to show itself in different ways, therefore, always refine your use of the combination of symbols. Remember that the energy flow of the Moon is always changing and moving. If there are positive maps nearby, then the moon will turn in the light side, meaning love, stability, comfort at home.

Reversed:  If the card showed a dark side, this means the partners will begin to show hidden fears, complexes, and the communication between people will turn into a painful finding out about the distance. In the negative aspect, there is also emotional dependence, relationship with a consumer or a lie. Sometimes the "dark moon" signals a lover or a competitor. 

The Moon When Asking About Careers

Upright: The Moon Lenormand card meaning in work affairs indicates everything will stay as before. This is the usual schedule, the classy occupation. So, now is not the time to look for transformation or expect major changes. The best is to swim along the current and do not stir the water. On the basis of professions, you can practice esoterics, magic, fortune-telling, psychology, writing and any creative directions such as photography.

Reversed: If you don’t have a job, then this is not the best time to start a new one.

The Moon When Asking About Finances

Upright: In material questions, it isn’t possible to calculate large earnings. The Moon meaning in Tarot card says that you won’t make a fortune. It’s recommended to continue earning usual amounts that will be enough to satisfy your needs. If you have completed the Moon + the Fish combination, you will get more profit.

Reversed: A negative meaning of the card is financial uncertainty.

FAQ Lenormand card meaning of the Moon

  • What does the Moon mean in reading Lenormand?

    The Moon Lenormand card meaning, provided that the card has a good light, is about emotions, pleasant feeling and women power.

  • What is shown on this card?

    As an illustration, there may be usually depicted a night or evening, where the moon shines. It can be rendered in the form of a full-scale sphere or half-moon. It is obligatory to study the image of the map in the set of Lenorman’s Golden Dreams, because the map manages to monitor all phases at once. Due to this, the decoding starts to include a larger range of meanings.

  • What is this card by number?

    The card of the Moon occupies the 32nd order number of the Lenormand deck.

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