Seven of Cups Card Meaning

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Deeper Understanding of Seven of Cups

Seven of cups upright Meaning

With the Seven of Cups, it is probably hard for you to decide what to do in a particular situation or how to make the right decisions. Maybe the whole point is that the priorities are set incorrectly and long-term goals are not determined. Such an individual is inclined to succumb to unattainable plans, fanciful hopes, pipe dreams. In addition, the Seven of Cups Tarot card can be a warning that you may be affected by deception and lies.

Seven of cups reversed Meaning

A reasonable choice of a strong-willed person who is ready to assert rightness and persistently move towards the goal is the prime Seven of Cups meaning in an inverted position. Unfortunately, such persistence in doing something despite challenges and determination can be harmful to peace of mind. It also means that a person, having once decided to do something, does not deviate from a determined path, even if it turns out that a particular choice is poor and wrong. And sometimes, the card is interpreted as gaining freedom from delusions and the ability to resist strong temptation.

Seven of cups love Reading

Upright: first feelings of two young people are symbolized by Seven of Cups. They are in love, do not think about problems, make unrealistic plans, and do not want to notice problems. But sooner or later, such an attitude must be changed, as it will lead to failure. Be careful if you dream too much. Don't exceed your capabilities since that is why you may be overtaken by disappointment very soon.

Seven of cups reversed love: the reality will prevail soon and the hidden truth will be revealed. However, the truth and the events and circumstances that accompany it may turn out to be far from pleasant. Seven of Cups is about progress and growth through a crisis. Moreover, it should be understood that even not very successful development of the current situation will be subsequently beneficial.

When asking about seven of cups career

Upright: possible fraud, incorrectly prepared documents, and fraudulent schemes are the foremost messages of the Seven of Cups. Be sure to check your area of ​​responsibility: if you detect shortcomings, immediately begin to eliminate them.

Reversed seven of cups in career: conducting affairs reasonably and deliberately is of high importance. An upside-down position means that even if something goes wrong, it certainly will not be due to determining unrealistic goals. 

When asking about seven of cups finances

Upright: dealing with a new project, usually the card warns of its futility or even failure at all: it will not bring the expected income.

Reversed: spending more than you need, overusing credit, living beyond one's financial capabilities may lead to continuous borrowing and a debt cycle.

When asking about seven of cups as feelings

Upright: euphoria and feelings of intense excitement and happiness due to experiencing the first love await you in the nearest future.  

Reversed: too many disappointments in love can be harmful to you. The upside-down position of Seven of Cups strongly suggests smartly handling all the unresolved problems that have accumulated to clear out space for new feelings.

Seven of Cups yes/no

You believed in a false idea, or someone is deceiving you, but you do not notice it. The symbol reminds us of the existence of reality and usually does it harshly. It is easy to get stuck in a fantasy world and very difficult to get out. Waking up is painful and unpleasant. If you suspect that somewhere there is deceit and you need to get out, then everything is done right.  But the answer to this card is still no. It signals that it is very difficult for a person:

  • think clearly and logically;
  • set realistic goals;
  • correctly prioritizing tasks.

Try to change your thinking patterns and reshape your attitude to life.

FAQ Seven of cups tarot card meaning

  • What does Seven of cups mean in reading Rider-Waite?

    Symbolizes a dreamer who constantly strives to escape from reality. Probably, you believe in a false idea, or someone is deceiving you, but you do not notice it. Try to think reasonably and clearly since it is easy to get stuck in your fantasy and very difficult to get out.

  • What is shown on this card?

    We see a man standing in front of several goblets placed in the clouds. Each cup has its own meaning. It is not a proven fact but someone believes that they symbolize our sins.

  • What is this card by number?

    The card has the 7th position in the Cup Suits of the Minor Arcana sequence.

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