Seven of Pentacles Card Meaning

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Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles considers it’s important to plan your future, even others convince you to live only in the present. The card represents a person who is able to move against the flow of a river and persevere in the struggle to achieve goals and protect personal values. There is a desire to make your dreams and aspirations of material life come true, however you will face too many difficulties. In order to take the steps necessary for implementation, you need to tune in, prepare to sacrifice time, strength, energy, and possibly money.


Upright: patience, talent, incomplete success, hard work without result, need to make a decision.

Reversed: anxiety, frustration, impatience, failure, greed, lack of good work and income, unrealized expectations, disharmony.

Seven of Pentacles Upright

This card means, first of all, a modest reward for hard work, when a person spends a large amount of energy on a certain task, and as a result receives too little result or a small pay. The main message of the card is to realize the illusion of your plans and quickly abandon them in order to avoid disappointment.

It’s not worth hoping for a quick result, but the business will still be profitable, albeit later. When this card comes in the layout, you need to think: whether to continue the work you have begun or abandon it, since the result will have to wait a long time. Refusal from what has been started is usually not easy, because at this stage a lot of effort, money, energy is usually invested in the business.

Seven of Pentacles Reversed

These people may experience unsuccessful investments, material losses, unreasonable expenses, failures because of their impatience and carelessness. You can work hard, but your labor doesn’t bring success. You see no point in your working as there are no profits, both material and emotional. The person can also suffer from health problems because of money. Due to uncertainty in your own abilities, you become envy, jealousy and pettiness.

Seven of Pentacles in Love

Upright: Romances and relationships that have no meaning for these people. One person loves, and the other simply allows themselves to be loved. For example, a couple meets for a long time, one of the partners makes plans to get married, create a family, and the other perceives this relationship as something frivolous, temporary. 

Reversed: Your relationships have no hope and future. No matter whether you make an effort and try to save these relations, it’s the end. The person can be very offended due to the fact that so much time and effort was spent on relationships, which in the end turned out to be completely unpromising.

Seven of Pentacles in Career

Upright: The work process is underway, but no real results are visible yet. Also this card shows a very slow career growth, which occurs due to the efforts of a person, complex cases and projects that require a lot of time and energy, the inability to reach agreement in the team, when a person brings all possible arguments and can’t convince the colleagues. The financial aspect is getting too little profit with a lot of effort, or a reward that is still in the future.

Reversed: You are going through a professional burnout and constant misfortune. Perhaps, your current job is not your cup of tea and that’s why there are very little chances to succeed. 

Seven of Pentacles in Finances

Upright: The person is focused on financial opportunities and delays on the way to the goal. Thanks to a wise management of money and a belief in yourself and in your own strength, you are able to become successful. However, your path can be very long and hard.

Reversed: Your started business is likely to be hopeless, and there is no point in continuing to work on it. Also, this is a map of unequal partnership, when one person invests morally and financially in a common business or project, and the other doesn’t want to do absolutely anything for its development. The financial aspect is the lack of profit even in the long term.

Seven of Pentacles yes/no

Gradual development is the key message that this Tarot symbol holds. Don't run ahead and remember that patience is a virtue. People who tend to run out of patience are in the risk zone, as the chances of failing are high. Thus, the answer is no, as there is a need to weigh all pros and cons and launch your reasoning to extract logical conclusions and generate a feasible solution. You can expect growth and transformations, but such changes will be slow. There is no way to speed up the process or make it finish earlier. This can lead to disappointment and feelings of frustration which are hard to control.


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