Four of Pentacles Card Meaning

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Four of Pentacles

The person depicted on the Four of Pentacles is interested only in material well-being. This is a decree on financial security, on maintaining prosperity. Thanks to gaining knowledge and particular skills, these people are satisfied with their lives both financially and morally. The card represents your crowning abilities and talents that you can be proud of.

This card means a safe and comfortable home life, you can enjoy a pleasant time in your own apartment. Try to pass on the key to your personal world to others and expand the boundaries you are in. The card indicates that the person is protected and has solid ground under his feet.


Upright: owning and maintaining your property, wealth, the power of stability, home, greed, financial addiction, boring life, talented, hard-working, family routine.

Reversed: financial difficulties, restrictions, stagnation, gambling, extravagance, health problems, inexperience in money, pettiness, carelessness, quarrels.

Four of Pentacles Upright

The main aim for this person is the achievement of financial stability and the acquisition of material values. Due to the fact that such people are quite greedy, they become crazy about money and strive to be wealthy. Possible inheritance. The expanded efforts and creative inspiration will bring material results. Despite having a strong family, a good health, an established way of life, a comfort and respect for each other, your life seems to be grey and boring. Low social status, person's thoughts are occupied only with material, money matters. Labor brings stable results.

Four of Pentacles Reversed

A person is not aware of the value of money and because of that may suffer from financial problems and health conditions. Besides, the reason for these difficulties can be gambling. That’s why your budget needs to be balanced. Such people currently experience a destruction of peace and well-established norms of life due to complete irresponsibility. The focus in every area is made on money, even in love.

Four of Pentacles in Love

Upright: A present feeling of possessiveness, when people don’t want to share their partner with relatives, friends, work and anything else- they are ready to put the other half of the life in a cage and fanatically control every step of the partner. Naturally, these people are too  jealous. Another meaning of this card is a stagnation in development (connected with romantic affairs). Such a person doesn’t want to do anything to improve and diversify relationships - they are already fine. In essence, this is the desire to take, but not to give anything in return. Also, the card describes a tedious domestic routine, when everything in the family is stable, but too boring and trivial. Finally, the Four can manifest itself as a marriage of convenience, a union based solely on material considerations.

Reversed: The person tries to find a way out of the comfort zone, when, for example, your partner begins to actively protest against the rules established by the other. As a result, one of the couple can either accept the changes, adapt to them, or break off the relations. Possible quarrels over money, property, inability to manage the family budget.

Four of Pentacles in Career

Upright: The person has a stable, but a pretty boring job. A routine, monotonous activity, which you are engaged in solely because you are used to it and don’t want to change anything. Also, this card can mean an employee who doesn’t use creativity and diversity, as well as those who have "fenced off" from their colleagues. Professions: sellers, customs officials, museum workers, minor bosses, in a word - activities that are not associated with any diversity. On the financial plan - a modest income, a stable, albeit small, but regular salary.

Reversed: Such people have an unstable environment, due to particular changes in work, which a person perceives as something negative. Moreover, the person suffers from financial losses and unforeseen expenses. A bad neighborhood may lead to a complete personal ruin.

Four of Pentacles in Finances

Upright: Striving for enrichment, the need for the accumulation of wealth. However, it’s necessary to maintain a financial position, but not to be stingy. If the questioner becomes too attached to material values, they won’t be able to get the wealth they dream of.  The person wants to have an amount of money that gives confidence in the future and a sense of stability.  This card is often associated with pettiness and stinginess. 

Reversed: The person wants to make  fortune, but is too inexperienced in money deals. They often face financial difficulties and spend too much, due to their irrationalism. You need to be more responsible and learn how to attract or save money.

Four of Pentacles yes/no

Right now, you want to win and gain the desired more than ever, but you lack enthusiasm, talent, and luck. You are at a dead end and all alternatives are hidden from you, so you don't have more options for reaching success. However, the solution is much easier than you think. Be careful, as the current action plan doesn't work. You understand it but you are afraid to admit it to yourself. You are one step from failure, however, still you can get out of the concealed trap. You need to pull yourself together, overcome the fear of the future, and continue moving forward. And although you were captured by the feeling of powerlessness, this card still answers yes to your questions. All you need to do is to think through your decisions well before you start anything.

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