Three of Cups Card Meaning

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Three of Cups: a powerful way of uncovering the hidden truth

Three of Cups: upright card meaning

The careless period free from anxious feelings and stress has come. It will be filled with joy, a feeling of great pleasure, and increased satisfaction. Probably, Three of Cups in Tarot is a reminder that all problems have a solution and all challenges on your way can be overcome if thinking deliberately. Positive transformations on a deeper level can bring success and lead to reaching new desired heights. Fresh ideas can also come to your mind, so be ready to grab the chance to use all given opportunities. Some events that are of paramount importance to you will happen soon. 

Three of Cups: reversed card meaning

The things that made you happy now can bring you dissatisfaction, disappointment and in the worst scenario, it can be even suffering. Coming up inverted, Three of Cups is a negative omen since you are hiding your creative potential. It is about the forcible concealment of talent, ruined potential, unwillingness to develop and unleash one's abilities.

Three of Cups: love reading

Upright: being beset by difficulties and the burden of daily hassles, the overall ambiance between you and your partner will be improved, the cold climate will become warmer, and you will enjoy each other.

Three of Cups reversed love: quarrels, distrust, lack of understanding and respect can ruin your family. This crisis is hard to fight, so be extremely careful if Three of Cups comes upside down.

When asking about Three of Cups career

Upright: harsh times will end up soon. You will grow your power to reach a new level at your workplace. You have finished the project or signed a favorable contract, so now can relax with close people. Three of Cups Tarot guide is imperative to learn, especially if you are looking for a new job, as if it appears to you, it can be a powerful sign to agree to start a new career path without any hesitations. Attaining the desired goals, it is a good idea to share them with your family and have a festive dinner, spending time together. It will inspire you and give you more power and stimulus to achieve more. 

Three of Cups reversed career: moving towards your goals, you may fail. You are running the risk of misunderstanding the situation and being confused.

When asking about Three of Cups finances

Upright: some huge gain can be expected in the nearest time. Good earnings will bring you back on track after experiencing some cash shortage. Having troubles, you will be capable of resolving them efficiently, promptly, and quite painlessly.  

Reversed: you can expect success in small undertakings and deeds, but do not take on larger projects, you are not ready for them now, as with inverted Three of Cups you can expect negativity, delays in implementation, complexities.

When asking about Three of Cups as feelings

Upright: harmonious connection with another person is what you need for regaining life strength.

Three of Cups reversed feelings: try to avoid living frivolously, not caring about tomorrow and being convinced that everything that is done is for the better.

When asking about Three of Cups future

Upright: a happy day with good news. Enjoy the sensations, think about tomorrow, be active and open to new possibilities. Three of Cups is about bringing everything you started to the end.

Three of Cups reversed as future: you should not expect something good and bright in the near future, not all planned things will come true. They can be postponed to a later time, they can be canceled altogether. Completely different (even completely absurd) reasons may get in your way.

Three of Cups  yes/no

Success and pleasant feelings, as well as a lack of worries and hesitations, are brought by this card. Usually, such emotions arise during holidays or celebrations. And we feel that life has changed, extra wanted opportunities have opened up, or fate has prepared a gift. Some phase in your life has ended. The path was difficult but you have managed to overcome all the challenges. The card is positive as well as your answer. Make time for loved ones. At the new stage of life, they must become the most important for you. Look for like-minded people and do not be afraid to trust partners.

FAQ Three of Cups Tarot card meaning

  • What does Three of Cups mean in reading Rider-Waite?

    The most favorable development of the situation. It heralds the beginning of a pleasant and carefree period of life. You will restore your well-being.

  • What is shown on this card?

    3 women, symbolizing grace, hold goblets made of gold. It is about victory, celebration, and new achievements.

  • What is this card by number?

    The card has 3rd number in the Minor Arcana.

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