Clover Card Meaning


As a rule, the Clover Lenormand meaning is about fortune, good news and optimism. In druidic magic, the four-leaf clover was used to attract good spirits and protect against evil spirits. This flower was also considered a sacred symbol of good luck and the location of the gods. Thus, this is a card of luck and help that will come to you in difficult times. You will be able to resist your enemies and achieve any goals provided that your fortune will be followed by hard work. Free Tarot and Lenormand reading is available on our platform with description and meaning.


Transience, Hope, Luck, Optimism, Surprise, Reward

Lenormand card meaning of the Clover: Upright Meaning

The Clover is a simple wildflower, and it portends the same simple earthly joy, artless quiet happiness. The main Lenormand the Cloverleaf meaning is to bring a little joy and good luck, but the card is too weak to withstand difficult neighbors, such as the Coffin, the Scythe or the Mountain, and in this case it will rather speak of missed opportunities. With a favorable environment, the Clover enhances good cards. The card gives optimism and confidence that any problems are only a temporary crisis. 

There is one more Clover Lenormand meaning: opportunities will knock at your door. When this card appears in the layout, it’s time to take a risk. There may come a slight moral pleasure, for example, a person was waiting for an answer to a letter, and the answer may be very good for the Querent. The Clover is largely a card of hope, but whether it will come true or not, you need to look at the rest of the cards. 

Lenormand card meaning of the Clover: Reversed Meaning

A negative Clover Tarot card meaning indicates a missed chance due to laziness, passivity and unwillingness to act. The person experiences disappointment, lesion and sadness. This is a period of life turmoil, including financial, collapse of plans. There are a lot of heavy anxious expectations with a sad outcome.

The Clover in a Love Reading

Upright: The Clover Lenormand mSignificado de la carta del Trébol de Lenormand: Invertidoeaning is understanding and friendship. Nice and easy relationship, but most likely short-lived, easy to meet - easy to disperse. Such relationships leave pleasant memories in the soul. If Clover falls at the beginning of a relationship, consider the fact that the connection is not yet strong and everything can collapse even from an inadvertently spoken word. Considering the fragility of the card, enjoy the moment, but if there are the Anchor or the Tree cards nearby, they will provide stability and reliability. Male in Querent’s life (male friend, partner, family member). If the Querent identifies as Male - the Querent, masculinity, animus.

Reversed: If there is a Fork card next to it, then this suggests that the Questioner will soon have to make an important decision regarding his relationship. However, there are no strong feelings at all. 

The Clover When Asking About Careers

Upright: The Cloverleaf Tarot card meaning in work is a possible prize, but short-term. In order to get the desired result, you need to put in a little more effort. You will receive a job offer, a promotion or a bonus. These are good luck moments, like being invited to a conversation, a successful project, receiving an award. This is an opportunity to show yourself, but without a 100% guarantee of victory. In general, this is some nice little thing that makes your stay in the office more comfortable.  

Reversed: The card indicates that you don’t work as hard as you can. Possible losses due to your laziness.

The Clover When Asking About Finances

Upright: The Clever brings a little bit of material luck. This symbol also means fast money, small profit. However, there is no stability and your financial fortune is not for long.

Reversed: A negative Lenormand the Clover meaning  in finances is about money problems: delays, debts, receiving amounts that are less than expected.

FAQ Lenormand card meaning of the Clover

  • What does the Clover mean in reading Lenormand?

    The Clover Lenormand meaning is hope and fortune. However, in order to prolong your fortune, you need to make an effort. Otherwise this luck will be short-term.

  • What is shown on this card?

    There is a growing flower, or a whole clover. In some cases, there may be a basket with flowers. The main color is green, which means life, blossom, health and good fortune. Another color is pink, which symbolizes little happiness. Further interpretations depend on the drawing on a particular deck.

  • What is this card by number?

    The Clover card corresponds to the 2nd order number.

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