Tree Card Meaning


Plants in general and trees in particular are a symbol of the vitality and cyclical power of nature. Another Tree Lenormand card meaning is growth, abundance, passivity and acceptance. Of course, looking at such a powerful tree, which is depicted on the card, Ash Yggdrasil immediately comes to mind - the axis of the world. It is the structural foundation and connects heaven, earth and the underworld. In a small Lenorman deck, the Tree is treated as one of the most powerful cards. You may find a full list of free Tarot reading and description on this platform.


Growth, Grounded, Past connection, Personal growth, Spirituality, Health

The Tree Lenormand card meaning: Upright Meaning

In general, the Tree in Tarot cards indicates that the Querent has enough strength and talent to implement all his ideas into life. This is the constant development, the formation of the support, the confidence in the internal forces and the replenishment of the internal resources. However, even if the person is on the right path, it will take effort to complete the tasks, and only after a certain time he will be able to reap the fruits of his labors. 

Also, the Tree is a health Signifier. Such people have a kind of connection with their ancestors and family. But if a person dangles around the world like a tumbleweed, then there is no need to speak of any strength of spirit. Without family and the support of the ancestral bond, there will be no soul integrity. The Tree of life Tarot means slow but steady growth. Do not count on a quick result, a desired goal will take a lot of time. 

The Tree Lenormand card meaning: Reversed Meaning

A negative Tree Lenormand card meaning indicates stagnation, stiffness, boredom, monotony, laziness and apathy.

The Tree in a Love Reading

Upright: In relationships, the Tree in Tarot cards is a symbol of constancy and stability. Feelings are truly deep, relationships have a solid foundation and the prospect of growing into a strong bond for many years. This couple is destined to be together and lay the foundation for a family nest. People live by common interests as they want and plan to be together, this is not a one-day marriage, when everyone lives only for himself and pulls the blanket over to his side until it breaks. 

Reversed: You may discover a negative love meaning of the Tree with other cards using the signs of a fragile family: frequent divorces, quarrels between generations, cases when children do not communicate with their parents, sue and refuse kinship.

The Tree When Asking About Careers

Upright: The Tree Lenormand card meaning at work indicates a stable professional position. You are sure to take a serious place, get a stable income and provide excellent prospects for development. There is an opportunity to form an irreplaceable base for further movement forward or for the creation of your own business. 

Reversed: The card may also mean that the person has stopped his professional development. Not to end up with unemployment or the loss of money, start improving your skills.

The Tree When Asking About Finances

Upright: In material matters, the Tree of life Tarot recommends investing and thinking about long-term profit, rather than fast. Yes, you have to wait, then the award will be enough for you. The symbol is not indicated for critical times, loss of work or instability. This is a solid foundation and confidence in tomorrow.

Reversed: In a negative position the Tree Lenormand says that the person doesn’t have enough fortitude to wait. Though in your situation this ability is one of the most important ones.

FAQ The Tree Lenormand card meaning

  • What does the Tree mean in reading Lenormand?

    The main Tree Lenormand card meaning is health and longevity.

  • What is shown on this card?

    As a rule, a strong and tall wood is depicted on the card, most often a mighty oak, but other species are also encountered. The tree may be located at the road, in the field, next to the wrap. At the back, there may be nature, a house or other unusual details.

  • What is this card by number?

    The Tree occupies the 5th order number of the Lenormand deck.

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