Woman Card Meaning


If the Man is a symbol of the rational principle, clarity and the Sun, then the Woman Lenormand card meaning is associated with the intuitive perception of the world, emotions, the Moon, at night. The so-called female "logic", contradictory and absurd, allows you to reach a new, higher level of understanding of the world. So a woman is associated with immersion inward, an introverted life position. The Woman wants to contain the entire Universe. The accent goes not outward, but inward. You may find a full list of Tarot free reading and description on our page.


Femininity, Relative, Women’s organizations, Sympathy, Intuition, Warmth

Lenormand card meaning of the Woman: Upright Meaning

The presence of such a group of significator cards is a characteristic feature of the Lenormand deck. The location of the Woman is important in reading the rest of the cards in the layout. Female in Querent’s life (female friend, partner, family member). If the Querent identifies as female - the Querent/td, anima. Remember to find who exactly is hiding under the card, because it will not always be a wife. If a man currently has a mistress, then this card will be her significator. Lenormand Woman combinations will help determine her essence, qualities, attitude towards the man and actions.

In other cases, the Woman card should be considered as a symbol of the Yin beginning of a soft, pliable and accepting one. The direct Woman Lenormand card meaning is about intuition, flexibility, diplomacy, caring, gentleness, receptivity, adaptability, ability to empathize.

The non-personal meaning of this card indicates the feminine part of the soul, the anima. It often means that the man in this case is passive, dependent or too soft. Or there is something feminine in him, for example, character traits or he brings up children on his own. This card can tell which place women take in the Querent's life in general, what importance he attaches to them and his ideal woman.

Lenormand card meaning of the Woman: Reversed Meaning

Negative qualities of the card Woman include: striving for undivided possession, jealousy, limitation, tearfulness, hysteria, indecision, quarrelsomeness, unsuitability for life, irresponsibility. The questioner may face a number of difficulties in different areas. In order to identify a possible problem, check out Lenormand Woman combinations.

The Woman in a Love Reading

Upright: If the card is not used as a significator, then the Woman Lenormand card meaning is highly dependent on the surrounding cards. The relationship is filled with softness, sensitivity, harmony and composure. The partners really fit each other and interfere with the spiritual world of the second half. These people adhere to the rule to keep their privacy out of other people’s eyes. The Woman also says that one of the partners plays the role of a caring mother who forgives everything to her playful child. 

Reversed: The card may indicate that a certain woman is interfering in the relationship: a mother or a rival. Self-affirmation of one partner through guardianship and overprotection. 

The Woman When Asking About Careers

Upright: In matters of work, the card means to rely on intuition and flair. An amicable working agreement can be reached soon. The card can represent the boss or work colleague.

Reversed: A negative Lenormand card meaning Woman is about patience. It is not necessary to solve delicate issues by force.

The Woman When Asking About Finances

Upright: The Woman meaning in material affairs may indicate the significant role of a woman, a business proposal from a female. The financial position is stable. Possible arrival of money from a woman.

Reversed: Another Lenormand card meaning the Woman is money problems due to the female’s jealousy and irresponsibility.

FAQ Lenormand card meaning of the Woman

  • What does the Woman mean in reading Lenormand?

    The main Woman Lenormand card meaning is strong intuition, receptivity to the world, the manifestation of care, softness, diplomacy, flexibility. This is the feminine part of our soul, which is responsible for internal processes.

  • What is shown on this card?

    Traditionally, the card depicts a well-dressed woman, she stands in the street and peers into the distance, as if waiting for someone. There are other names of the card, such as the Lady or the Dame.

  • What is this card by number?

    The 29th serial number in the Lenorman deck takes the card of the Woman.

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