Child Tarot Card Meaning


Lenormand Child card meaning and interpretation: it’s time to reveal the truth


New Beginnings, Child, Toddler, Play , Inexperience, Innocence, Immaturity

Child Lenormand card meaning: upright meaning

A Child Tarot card is usually conducive to success and may indicate the beginning of the path and many opportunities ahead. The most important thing is to use them wisely. If you are ready to accept new ideas easily, then you will have a prosperous future. It also symbolizes trustfulness, but if there are bad cards nearby, then it shows naivety and inexperience which often harm a person. In many myths and legends, the main meanings of the child as a symbol can be interpreted as:

  • potential opportunities;

  • mercy and compassion;

  • simplicity, purity, and sincerity;

  • lack of fear;

  • curiosity and a strong desire to know or learn something;

  • new birth.

Keep your mind open, don't be afraid to take risks, and believe in success. Look at the world and try to have a perception of a child, shielding yourself from problems, past failures, and stereotyped vision. If you treat everything with kindness and a pure heart, then you will achieve what you want.

Child Lenormand card meaning: reversed meaning

Reversed Lenormand Child card meaning is about the person who needs to be under constant control to avoid serious mistakes. A person has not yet grown emotionally, which very often leads to troubles. This can also indicate dependence on others and the entire world, a person cannot influence anything and feels defenseless. 

Child in a Love Reading

Upright: in matters of relationships, the Child portends a period of pure romantic feelings. This is a period of falling in love and enjoying new powerful emotions. People either have recently met or a couple has a very good prospect for long-term and happy relationships. 

Reversed: along with unfavorable cards, the Child Lenormand card is a sign of frivolity and a lack of seriousness; infancy and infantilism in terms of relationships, everyone is interested only in their own development and growth and take care only of their satisfaction. 

Child When Asking About Careers

Upright: in terms of business, the card is not favorable since it means that you have chosen the path where you have no experience, your plans are too illusory, you do not see a real perspective, and do not understand what kind of responsibility lies behind it. However, don't give up because even if you do not have the extensive knowledge and required skill set, it is never too late to learn and acquire new skills. Maybe starting from scratch is a really good idea.

Reversed: the Child Tarot card in the upside position can indicate a project of your entire life. But although the result will be visible only after a long period of hard work, the process itself brings you joy and satisfaction.

Child When Asking About Finances

Upright: when it comes to uncovering the financial aspects of your life, the card is a warning about some unforeseen expenses. However, spending will not provoke any budget gaps and troubles. You will gain some pleasant feeling. Even if you spend money on someone, you will be satisfied even more than if you spent cash for your purposes. 

Reversed: the upside-down position is about the inability to manage, control, and balance your spending and income, or about having a dependent lifestyle. Be careful when making an impulsive purchase since it can lead to poor financial outcomes.

FAQ Child Lenormand card meaning

  • What does the Child mean in reading Lenormand?

    The card means the right new direction, the occurrence of new perspectives, and unique chances. And by being open to new ideas, your potential will be fully unleashed and realized. The card symbolizes confidence, love, a properly developed healthy relationship with a partner, trust, and authority among people close to you. It indicates a good-natured and compliant person.

  • What is shown on this card?

    In different decks, artists depict this card differently, but invariably there is a sense of lightness, youth, and movement. You can come across a picture of a baby playing or examining something. The obvious motive is the game. The playing child creates the impression of carelessness and calmness.

  • What is this card by number?

    The Child Lenormand card is considered one of the most flexible cards and has the number 13 in the deck.

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