From Dimensions to Divination: Tarot Card Size and Other Intriguing Tarot Facts

From Dimensions to Divination: Tarot Card Size and Other Intriguing Tarot Facts

Knowing the available Tarot card sizes is quite beneficial for the overall spiritual experience. Firstly, it can help you select the right deck for your needs that also aligns with your vision and values, as different decks come in different sizes, with some being larger or smaller than others. Secondly, it can impact the way you handle and shuffle the cards, as larger decks may be more difficult to shuffle or hold. But keep in mind that you can also opt to choose a more straightforward way and use online platforms that offer quick and simple Tarot reading for free. However, going the more traditional way, remember that the size of the cards can also impact the symbolism and artwork, as smaller cards may not be able to convey as much detail as larger ones. So it is not only about spiritual connection but also about visual satisfaction while working with signs.

Knowing the Tarot card size can inspire unique ways to incorporate them into your practice. For example, if you have a large deck, you could use the cards as a meditation tool, placing them around your room and using them as focal points for your meditation practice. Alternatively, if you have a smaller deck, you could create a portable altar by using the deck as a centerpiece and surrounding them with crystals and other small objects. Overall, being aware of different sizes can enhance your experience with the cards and open up new avenues for exploration and creativity. The standard option comes in 2.75" x 4.75"(70mm x 120mm). Apart from standard Tarot card size, it can be also a mini size (44mm x 70mm), as well as larger options (80mm x 140mm). Personalized choices are also available to suit your individual needs, so you can tailor your deck to your unique specifications.

Extra interesting facts

The more you know about spiritual symbols, the more enhanced your experience will be. Thus, the dimensions of a Tarot card are only one aspect that can reshape your experience with Tarot. Here are some more data on the topic:

  • Tarot cards were not originally intended for divination. They were used for playing games, such as the Italian game Tarocchini, before being adapted for esoteric purposes.
  • Tarot cards have been used in popular cultures, such as in the James Bond film "Live and Let Die," where they are used to predict the future and cause harm to the protagonist.
  • Some practitioners combine cards and runes in their divinatory practice. 

The runes are no less fascinating and have been used in various forms of art, such as jewelry and tattoos. They are also popular in contemporary paganism and heathenry as a means of spiritual practice and self-discovery. They are believed to tap into the deep wisdom of the natural world and the spiritual realm, making them a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. Rune reading for free helps to gain insight and clarity into life's complexities.

Generally, Tarot is so exciting because it offers a rich visual language of archetypes and symbols that can help us attain perception, develop awareness, get wisdom, and understand ourselves and the world around us.

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