Knight of Swords Card Meaning

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Knight of Swords: connect with higher self

Knight of Swords: upright meaning

Deceit and trickery situations, difficult conversations, constant disputes and heated disagreement are what you can expect if getting Knight of Swords Tarot card. There is a danger of destroying even the most peaceful ambiance and environment in which you felt as comfortable and secure as possible. Sometimes, it is about revealing the truth and opening the eyes that allow you to understand the real course of events. Another warning is your vulnerability, as you may not be protected against other people's attacks. At the same time, it may portend a new life stage.

Great potential, which is interpreted as resistance, disagreement, opposition to something is another Knight of Swords meaning. A person does not try to build an impeccable reputation and perfect image. Moreover, the one thinks that there is nothing to prove, is endowed with excellent cognitive abilities and tremendous mental agility, loves to analyze everything and defend the point of view, is assertive and quick-tempered.

Knight of Swords: reversed meaning

It is impossible to attain the desired result if having an inverted Knight of Swords, especially in a state of extreme aggression, showing hostile behavior and violent attitudes toward your opponents. So you have to calm down, as there is the risk to fall into crisis, being incapable to solve difficult matters, and making the smart choice. Learning Knight of Swords Tarot guide, it is recommended to pay close attention to the card that comes upside down, as it is a strong reminder that no one is defended against a wrong decision. 

Knight of Swords: love reading

Upright: there is a harsh need in having personal space, as if it is encroached by others, you may experience anger and discomfort. Knight of Swords may be about the intolerant and narrow-minded person who always says what he thinks. Such a person will find at least a dozen weaknesses and pretension and gladly list them out loud at the first meaningless quarrel.

Knight of Swords reversed love: a crisis situation that needs a well-considered solution and serious unwanted changes are possible.

When asking about Knight of Swords career

Upright: deterioration of relations between teammates or partners. This is a rather difficult time for you: you react too violently to trifles and notice the shortcomings of others. Expect the collapse of potentially successful projects. Knight of Swords is about the desire to show one's abilities and skills, too intrusive and inappropriate activity, bold, ambitious plans that won't be implemented.

Knight of Swords reversed careers: your inability to make a choice promptly and efficiently will prevent from plan realization.

When asking about Knight of Swords finances

Upright: a person either gains a huge influx of funds or has nothing at all.

Reversed: monetary losses due to unwise choices and an incorrectly created plan.

When asking about Knight of Swords feelings

Upright: current emotions and thoughts are changeable. Strong feelings may cool down. It cannot go on like this anymore. Moreover, one of the partners thinks only about himself and his plans, completely disregarding the other’s opinion. You need to reevaluate the situation.

Knight of Swords reversed as feelings: some insignificant difference in views is so great, so it prevents mutual understanding and development. Inverted Knight of Swords warns about selfishness and negativity. It can be about a situation when a partner suddenly disappears somewhere without explanation.

When asking about Knight of Swords future 

Upright: be more clear and think deliberately, because a conflict situation awaits you. Avoid useless advice and hasty actions.

Reversed: symbolizing such a strong immersion in the process of achieving the goal, it warns that there is a risk of getting bogged down in it and losing sight of what is happening around. Making choices too fast, it's pivotal to consider the potential outcomes that your actions may bring.

Knight of Swords yes/no

Your comfort zone may collapse and you will not feel safe and peaceful. Intrusive thoughts will affect your mood and it will be difficult to get to the crux of the issue. The sign will allow you to rise above yourself and look at the situation from the side. At the same time, it portends only negative moments:

  • tense relationships;
  • deception episodes;
  • difficult conversations; 
  • constant arguments and disagreements.

Your vision will be transformed and everything that you previously valued the most will become ordinary things. You need to reconsider your position in life, life guidelines, goals, and methods of action. Your answer is no, as the overall tone of the symbol is negative.

FAQ Knight of Swords Tarot card meaning

  • What does Knight of Swords mean in reading Rider-Waite?

    A person is slightly amenable to momentary impulses, is not able to act deliberately or keep balance when acting according to some specific plan. Knight of Swords is about impulsiveness and temper that prevent from attaining goals.

  • What is shown on this card?

    A rider rapidly rushing towards some goal is depicted in the illustration. He holds his sword and his guise shows the onslaught, speed, aggression, readiness to attack the enemy.

  • What is this card by number?

    The card has 12th place in the Minor Arcana of the Swords Suit.

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