Five of Cups Card Meaning

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How to interpret  Five of Cups: it’s time to unleash the truth

Five of cups upright Meaning

The melancholy mood, sadness, loss, emotional anguish or grief, suffering for a loved one can be interpreted as the foremost Five of Cups meanings. Your condition can be explained by the events connected with the loss of important people. Luckily, true friends or family will not let you cry alone and will definitely come to the rescue. Five of Cups is a reminder that anyone who does not value their life, family, friends can lose them in a matter of seconds. Fixing the situation is not a straightforward objective. The only right thing that can be done is to learn a lesson and move on.

Five of cups reversed Meaning

You must not overlook a great chance to rethinks your values, vision, attitudes, and probably reshape your mindset, analyzing past mistakes. An inverted Five of Cups warns that such personal transformations will be extremely difficult and require your own effort to overcome all the barriers on the way to growth and thriving. It is of primary importance to avoid denying the existence of problems.

Five of cups love Reading

Upright: you are confused with the feelings you are experiencing right now. Such emotional chaos prevents you from building a strong connection with your partner.

Five of cups reversed love: losing some important people in your life, you finally can restore your peace of mind and gain emotional balance. There will definitely be a favorable period when your suffering comes to an end and you will find new love.

When asking about five of cups career

Upright: probably your project has failed, you didn't receive any reward, and this is the main source of your anger and irritation. Five of Cups Tarot card assists in detecting the mistake and even sometimes can guide you on the way to its efficient elimination.

Five of cups reversed career: unwillingness or inability to see difficulties and, as a result, attempts to start a new path turn out to be unsuccessful.

When asking about five of cups finances

Upright: it is not the best time for your wallet, as Five of Cups is about the following issues and troubles:

  • temporary losses;

  • unexpected expenses;

  • unfulfilled expectations regarding income or profit.

Reversed: harsh times have finally come to an end. You still are frustrated due to the experienced failure but, at the same time, are full of power to reach new heights.

When asking about five of cups as feelings

Upright: predicting breakup and unsuccessful marriage, the card is not favorable for those who seek calm family life. At first glance, everything seemed perfect, but there was no strong connection between partners. The reason for such a poor scenario lies in your behavior: you were frankly bored and did not pay attention to your partner. To avoid such problems in the future, try to choose a partner more carefully and watch your behavior. Even the strongest relationships can be destroyed by a lack of attention.

Reversed: destructive thoughts and emotions can be harmful, you are running the risk of missing out on something truly important in your life.

When asking about five of cups future

Upright: there comes a moment when you focus exclusively on negative experiences. This leads to an emotional breakdown. Health can deteriorate under the influence of the nervous system. All diseases are from an unstable moral state. Five of Cups is a warning about potential troubles with your well-being.

Five of cups reversed future: the lack of action, unreasonable fears, the inability to make a decision impede your future growth.

Five of Cups yes/no

It fits perfectly with the feeling of pensive sadness that usually has no apparent reason. This is a symbol of tears, sadness, loss, and suffering for a loved one. It also points to a cruel life lesson: anyone who does not value their wealth can lose everything in a matter of seconds. The current situation can no longer be fixed. All you can do to get out is to learn a lesson and move on. One way or another, the answer to whatever your question is will be no. You need to deduce conclusions and gain experience. This means that you can no longer blindly trust people and do mindless things.

FAQ Five of cups tarot card meaning

  • What does Five of cups mean in reading Rider-Waite?

    Experiencing trouble, pain, sadness, grief, and a melancholic mood, you must reconsider your worldview. All these feelings are awakened due to the fact that it is not possible to realize what was planned, or the dream becomes more and more unattainable.

  • What is shown on this card?

    A man in a black cloak, with a sad look, is standing, his gaze is lowered to three goblets, he does not notice 2 more cups behind him. A river that is visible in the distance separates a person from the city on the horizon, but the barrier is illusory — a bridge rises above the river.

  • What is this card by number?

    The Five of Cups has the 5th position in the Minor Arcana.

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