Five of Wands Card Meaning

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Accurate Five of Wands Meaning

Prominent Upright Meaning 

Frequent disputes, resistance to change and unwillingness to adapt to new life rules are foreshadowed by the Five of Wands Tarot card. It can forecast some clash of interests and the events when you have to defend your rights. And even if it warns about some struggles, in general, the card is favorable. Those who strive to live peacefully and dream about calmness have to be wary, as this card predicts unpleasant situations that can disturb the peace, so you must be ready to confidently act despite difficulties.

Interpretation of the Reversal 

The desire to live in balance, withdraw from struggle, avoid competition and rivalry, and reach peace through concessions and constant suppression of one's will and wishes is the leading upside-down Five of Wands meaning. Reversals are also about cowardice, laziness, and fear of new obligations. Be careful, as probably, stronger, more dangerous, and mind-witted enemies are playing against you, and insincerity, intrigue, and dishonest intent come to the fore. Sometimes, a desire for isolation and loneliness can be intensified and affect your decisions. 

The Card in a Love Reading

Upright: there is a type of people who are simply bored with living a quiet, calm life, so they hurt each other, are jealous, and do not want to seek a common decision and a peaceful way to stop fighting. The Five of Wands meaning can be perceived as scandals, chaos, quarrels. If the spreading contains positive cards, then exchanging of diverging vision and opposite views won't be harmful but will push the couple towards joint development and growth.  

Reversed: people are at risk to spend a lot of energy and say a bunch of hurtful words, and as a result, nothing will change, and the couple will experience stagnation and will not feel connected anymore.

The Card When Asking About Careers

Upright: forewarning tense situations at work, Five of Wands Tarot card stands for the need of overcoming obstacles and barriers, reorganization, and exhausting work. However, sometimes, behind all this stress and confusion, it is possible to discover favorable prospects and possibilities for career growth.

Reversed: any struggle and your commitment at the workplace won't deliver the desired outcomes. You won't be capable of handling intense and sharp events.

Predictions About Finances

Upright: you are working hard for preserving what has already been earned. In addition, the Five of Wands meaning is a strong warning about unpleasant and unwanted challenges. It portends arguments or even litigation due to money. 

Reversed: the reversal warns about cunning schemes and deception, so don’t be trapped by scammers and try to avoid dubious deals which seem too good to be true.

FAQ Five of Wands more accurate and detailed meaning

  • What does the card mean?

    To be successful, you must throw away all fear. Don't be scared of opposition and disputes, as probably you will prove your point of view, win, and receive your gain. But watch out if the card has an upside-down position, as looking for peace and balance in life, you may be losing sight of the chances for growth and development.

  • What is shown on this card?

    5 fighting figures are depicted on this beautifully decorated card. The atmosphere and harsh environment clearly indicate the emergence of a conflict. However, none of the participants intend to cause serious harm to each other.

  • What is this card by number?

    The card takes the 5th position, indicating that you hardly avoid emotions and worries.