How to read runes

How to read runes

If you enjoy mythology, you've probably heard more than a few stories about strange creatures, bloody wars, and, of course, mysteries and magical potions that the entire world has long since forgotten. These things abound in the ancient world. Magic (magick) permeated the entire universe, occasionally illuminating the path to greatness but lurking in the shadows of mystery far too often, hoping to be unearthed and put to use for good or bad.

Only the wisest might read or write, and just a small number of them genuinely comprehended the principles that formed the very foundation of the planet itself. The Rune Masters were geniuses who could look across time and see it disintegrate.

In terms of being a modern and well-liked method of divination, the Runes have been and gone. Together with the Tarot deck and the I Ching, these are all familiar concepts, but once we engage in the practice, we truly have yet to learn what they entail.

Runes have been created to catch the intents of reality. In comparison, words and letters were meant to represent the melodies of the vocalizations. Runes were a technique to record secret abilities that had previously only belonged to the gods themselves and to mark the nature of existence.

We must understand rune reading if we want to practice it. 
Additionally, we must comprehend what the Runes are, how they're used, and how they may be instrumental in providing direction and advice for our lives and those around us.

What are runes

Runes are an old writing system. What you are looking at when you see those angular glyphs and lines is an alphabet that both  Anglo-Saxon and Germanic languages use. The Anglo-Saxon variant of the Runes is known as Futhorc, whereas the Scandinavian version is known as Futhark.

The Elder Futhark, Anglo-Saxon Futhark, and Younger Futhark runic alphabets are the most well-known. A single Futhark character is etched or written on each stone or tile, and frequently this one character is enough to spark a whole explanation of what is happening.

Since 150 AD, people have adopted the Runes for divination. To get insight from the Rune reading meanings, we must understand that the Runes are for divination.

The idea of interpretation is the most crucial thing to understand in the world of esotericism and divination. A good rune reader evaluates the material given previously and makes it applicable to the seeker's situation rather than simply latching onto it.

How are runes used

You can use the runes to help you navigate obstacles or issues and to help predict what is going to happen. They aren't a sort of fortune-telling and don't give you specific answers or guidance; instead, they offer several possibilities and make suggestions about how you might act if it does happen. Intuition is helpful because runes are notorious for pointing in the direction of solutions while leaving you to figure out the specifics.

The future isn't predetermined, and people have the freedom to choose their pathway and their course of action, according to runic readers. Therefore, if you disagree with the advice a rune reading offers, you can change your course and take an alternative road.

Runes can be applied in a wide range of circumstances. For instance, consulting the runes may be helpful if you find yourself in a position where you need more knowledge or can only see a partial image.

The rune reading layout

Both novices and specialists can benefit from the Three Rune Layout.

Rune 1 is a representation of you, your query, your worries, your narrative, how things currently affect you, and also who you are at this moment.

Rune 2 describes the difficulties you'll face, what's in store, what might happen, what to do, and what you should avoid.

Rune 3 provides a concept for you to apply in reality, including what you should do and release to accomplish the desired outcome and how to achieve it.

So that you can see the three Runes, spread them out over a spotless area.

The layout of the Five Runes

You are the center stone if you want to read rune stones.
You position that stone as the centerpiece. The "you" stone is surrounded by runes 2, 3, 4, and 5, with Rune 2 towards the left, Rune 3 above, Rune 4 beneath, and Rune 5 to the right.

The stones around the seeker's stone depict the left stone's past events, recent past events in the bottom stone, ideas for the future in the top stone, and future events in the bottom stone. This is similar to a Tarot arrangement.

The five Rune spread will appear as what appears to be a symmetrical cross.

The layout of the Nine Runes

In this pattern, the enchantment of the number 9 is highlighted.

Keep your goal in mind and your rune pouch by your heart. Pick nine runes and scatter them across a clear surface. Place them side by side in a row.

The runes closer to the center should be considered important and more significant than those on the outside rim. In the same way, life is made up of both dire and insignificant circumstances.

This layout of rune reading meaning symbolizes life. Get out your dictionary and combine the reading of the rune meaning in a flexible interpretation.

How to do a single rune reading

You can begin how to read the runes with a single Rune at a time if you want to dig into the universe of runes. I developed how to read the runes style and my understanding of rune reading in this way.

Select one runic piece from your bag while focusing on your intention or query. Reveal it to the light while holding it in your palm. How does this make you feel? Is it addressing you?

Reading the runes meaning may prompt you to consult your books. Sometimes all you need is one piece of advice to help you get through the day. Every day, I toss one Rune, immediately following this with a cup of coffee and meditation.

How to interpret Rune's reading meaning

You've got to take responsibility for this. You have the option of taking this seriously or treating it as a game. It's OK, but if you desire more, use this type of divination to strengthen your interpretive abilities since expertise is everything in genuine divination.

Let's say you get the Rune Mannaz. This Rune is a simple way to symbolize your mental state, identity, and feeling of self. The question is, is that it? No. This is the time to pull out your Runes books and start digging into the meanings.

You can't merely use the term "self" during reading and be pleased with that. Why? Due to the lack of any resources. Let's face it, and a single phrase isn't precise enough to decipher the Runes; you need something significant to work with.

As a result, we researched Mannaz and learned that it is far more significant than our initial finding.

Mannaz can also refer to a particular person or the entire human race. Your attitude toward other people and how they view you. Friends and foes, social hierarchy intelligence, planning, creativity, talent, and skill. Divine awareness and structure. Now, get some time and anticipate some assistance or collaboration that you need. 

Final thoughts

It's up to you to decide whether you think runic divination has any power. Although many people undoubtedly trusted in the magic of the runes, it's not hard to assume that some were skeptics who were more concerned with determining their fate.

You must consider every aspect of divination and rune reading and draw connections appropriate for your particular situation. Naturally, if you are performing divination for another person, you must consider their situation. It necessitates intuition, self-assurance, and training. You will probably receive ambiguous responses if you consult runes out of uncertainty. You must possess confidence. The gods quietly observe human affairs rather than meddling. They won't offer you any assistance that you cannot obtain on your own.

Your destiny is being desided right now...