Coffin Card Meaning


Coffin Lenormand card meaning: it’s not only about death

The Coffin tarot card is the most oppressive and scary card. But the Coffin is not always a sign of death, as it may show a deeper sense that should be properly decoded. 


Ending, Dying, Funeral, Loss, Grief, Mourning, Sadness

Coffin Lenormand card meaning: upright meaning

Usually, this card is one of the most unfavorable, it promises a negative change in life, portends illness, warns about loss, protracted crises, lack of success and fortune. On the other hand, there will always be new opportunities, which you must smartly and wisely use to gain and avoid poor outcomes and failure. But it won't be easy anyway. 

Another Coffin Lenormand card meaning is the end of a certain period: the current stage of your life is coming to an end and the next one will soon begin. But there is a risk of reaching a dead end, the way out of which will require a lot of strength and energy.

Coffin Lenormand card meaning: reversed meaning

Interpreting, analyzing, and decoding a Lenormand deck of cards are unlike traditional fortune-telling Tarot. When you define the meanings of cards, the reader shouldn't use cards individually. They can be explained in combinations. lt means that by asking for advice and a life tip, you create a message by linking the meanings of several cards and try to understand that message in the context of what you have asked. 

Once you dive into and explore Coffin Lenormand combinations, you will definitely find out that there is really no need for working with reversals. However, in recent years, such explanations have appeared, and if we are talking about a coffin, then reversed card can tell about a new beginning, renewal and spiritual awakening, a revolution and significant changes in your life.

Coffin in a Love Reading

In some cases, the Coffin can warn that your relationship is likely to have an unfortunate and inescapable outcome. This card can also be a sign of a quarrel that will undermine trust in a couple, and most likely both will not have the desire to regain trustful relationships and reunite. Most likely, the reason for such a scenario is that none of you wanted to undergo any change, each accuses the other, both think too stereotypically and are closed in their "coffin" of perception that is hard to reshape. But if at least one of the partners will decide to change and become better, then the relationship can be saved.

Coffin When Asking About Careers

Lack of prospects and opportunities of personal thriving, unprofitable and unsuccessful contracts, loss of money, failing partnership are what the card can prognosticate. The coffin is also a sign of great changes. This is the transition time. The previous period ends, but after it, a new stage begins. The coffin in this case is job losing or receiving a new position. The Coffin Lenormand card meaning in terms of people's feelings and destination may be negative and indicate that you have not yet found your calling and are doing the wrong thing. 

Coffin When Asking About Finances

If asking about money, most likely, a person has fallen into a debt cycle, does not have enough funds, is limited in finances, will experience huge losses or business problems up to bankruptcy and defaults, or there is a possibility to receive the inheritance.

FAQ Coffin Lenormand card meaning

  • What does the Coffin mean in reading Lenormand?

    Obviously, the coffin has long been associated with sadness and sorrow. However, even without a deep and wide knowledge of the symbols, looking at this card, you can feel that it transmits coldness, emptiness, and tragedy.

  • What is shown on this card?

    There is an array of interesting variations of the card. Apart from the coffin itself, lighted candles, flowers, wreaths decorated for laying on a grave, and cypresses are depicted on it since all these are the signs of deep sorrow and emotional suffering.

  • What is this card by number?

    The number of the most frightening card in the Lenormand deck is 8.

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