Garden Card Meaning


Garden Tarot is the embodiment of beauty, harmony and relaxation, the pleasure of walking in the fresh air and merging with nature. The most ancient garden is Paradise Eden, where our ancestors lived in a state of carelessness and sinlessness. The Garden card in the Lenormand deck has a key value - a public place, but not just like it is now, but considering the time when there were not so many public places like restaurants, and not everyone could go there. Taking into account modern realities, the Garden map can also show the Internet space, for example, forums and social networks, any community or interest group. You may find a full page with Lenormand cards Garden meaning and description on our source.


Holiday, Public Affairs, Society, Nice company, Culture, Relaxation, Teamwork, Pleasant,, Pastime, Fame, Social Networks.

Garden Tarot: Upright Meaning

Garden Lenormand is the most socially oriented card. Seeing it, you can immediately imagine a couple, a company, a group of people, protesters, celebrants or demonstrators. The Garden card is a symbol of celebration, fun and optimism. Its appearance brings a sense of joy and bright prospects. Remember your feelings when you are unexpectedly invited to a new club or a private party! The Garden Tarot foreshadows just such an invitation to a holiday or a friendly party, where one may find friendship or even love. The Garden reading indicates a pleasant environment, an artistic bohemian society. An open house full of friends. If the Tower card is indoors and in the city; then the card Garden - outside the house and outside the city.

Garden Tarot: Reversed Meaning

The negative aspect of the Garden Tarot is unnecessary publicity, this concerns both the disclosure of some information that causes rumors and gossip, as well as egocentrism, superficiality, excessive fuss, a position dependent on public opinion.

Also, the Garden card is a symbol of unfounded illusions, eccentricity, excessive self-righteousness and self-confidence. The person lacks a more realistic self-esteem. Surrounded by negative cards,  the Garden Tarot deck is a signal of bad company, a warning of danger from false friends. Being a symbol of escape from the real world into the world of pleasure, the Garden map can indicate casinos and brothels. You may check all possible combinations on this page for free.

Garden in a Love Reading

Upright: The Garden Lenormand portends new acquaintances and meetings, especially if a figured card or Heart is lying next to it. You will find your love in a public place, just like in a beautiful novel.

The Garden card may mean that you have a strong and lasting relationship. But this card does not give "breathtaking passions" and ardent feelings, but rather respectful ones. This card is good for starting a love affair.

Reversed: A negative meaning of the Garden says that your couple demonstrates moments from your personal life to a large audience too much. You are divided into a huge number of pictures, tell where you are and have completely stopped something to hide. All this will start to look like a serial and a fake.

Garden When Asking About Careers

Upright: Garden Tarot is about work in a large team. Next to this card, Querenta means a period of inspiration, creative success, favor from the authorities, you are on horseback and in the spotlight, take a moment to declare yourself. Career growth can also go under the Garden card. If you are looking for a job now, you will find it. 

Reversed: You are immersed in a world of gossip and hypocrisy. According to the Garden card, a person becomes too self-righteous and arrogant, forgetting about where he was able to rise from, and completely forgetting about a possible fall. Lenormand combinations Garden will indicate possible traps, as well as what a possible way out of this situation.

Garden When Asking About Finances

Upright: Lenormand cards Garden meaning is about business meetings and acquaintances at presentations, buffets, exhibitions. You are lucky with business partners. Currently there is expansion of contacts, growth of the client base. The financial position is stable. You may receive a lot of money and bonuses. There is a good favorable period in work at the moment.

Reversed: You are a lucky-one, but don’t lose your head in an attempt to become the best of the best (in financial terms).

FAQ Lenormand cards garden meaning

  • What does the Garden mean in reading Lenormand?

    The Garden Tarot symbolizes earthly and heavenly pleasures. It is a symbol of rest, celebration, pleasure, enjoyment of the company of pleasant people. It also indicates dynamic social activity and interesting life.

  • What is shown on this card?

    The card depicts a cozy corner of the city garden immersed in greenery, with fountains and benches in the shade of trees. There are couples walking among the well-groomed bushes. Regardless of the deck on the card, The Garden map always depicts a beautiful public place where people come to relax, take a walk, breathe fresh air, meet and communicate with each other.

  • What is this card by number?

    Garden Lenormand belongs to the 20th number.

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