Crossroads Card Meaning


小rossroads Lenormand are a symbol of changes that are associated with our decision and the choice of one or another option. Always choosing one thing, we refuse the other, and this is the torment of choice. The other extreme is to throw yourself headlong without thinking how to resolve the situation itself. The decision must always be conscious, otherwise you will have to disentangle it for a long time and you may face a choice even worse than it was before. You may find Tarot description and meaning on our platform for free.


Choices, Many Opportunities, Travel, Separation, Hesitation, Decisions

小rossroads Lenormand card: Upright Meaning

Lenormand maps are simple, and if it shows Crossroads Tarot, then the meaning will be directly up to the image. This is a place where the road forks or diverges in different directions, and you can only follow one of them. After all, it is impossible to be torn apart, so that one part of us would go along one road, and the other along the other. And in order to move on, we need to decide which road and to which destination we are going. Therefore, the most important meaning of the card is the need to make a choice.

This symbol is considered neutral, but in various聽 Lenormand Crossroad combinations it may be interpreted in different ways. Nevertheless, it also gives a fresh stream to life, portends new perspectives and opportunities and gives a variety of options.

小rossroads Lenormand card meaning: Reversed Meaning

In the negative version, 小rossroads Lenormand says that a person goes with the flow, relieves himself of all responsibilities and shifts it to others, which can end up with various consequences.

If unfavorable cards come out nearby, then the card warns against rash steps and wrong decisions, which means that you are going to choose not the most successful option and miss your chance.聽

小rossroads in a Love Reading

Upright: Very often, the card indicates a "love triangle". One of the partners behaves treacherously, taking interest on the side. In any case, uncertainty and doubt greatly darken the relationship.

Your loved one is at a crossroads, he wants to define his feelings and make an informed choice. The resolution of the issue will be stretched between the heart and the mind. The question of continuing a relationship is at a turning point. The future of your relationship is still shrouded in fog, but, most likely, the state of affairs does not correspond to your desires.

Reversed: Sometimes the 小rossroads Lenormand indicates a state of uncertainty. So, the solution has not yet been accepted and you are in some suspended state.聽

小rossroads When Asking About Careers

Upright: If you are looking for a job, then the Crossroads Tarot indicates that you have a new job offer or part-time job, the possibility of changing occupation or the very type of activity and profession.

Reversed: A person works two jobs, part-time or has additional earnings and a part-time job, the wolf's legs are fed. Also, this card indicates multitasking and versatility - a jack of all trades. Some important cases will appear in the work that will require an urgent solution.

小rossroads When Asking About Finances

Upright: The Crossroads speaks of the emergence of new sources of income. The financial situation is stable, but you need to look at the Lenormand Crossroad combinations to match a full meaning. You may be offered to invest money somewhere, to invest in a project. Indirect ways of making a profit.聽

Reversed: 聽At work there are indecisive clients and partners, as a result, business will be idle. The 小rossroads Lenormand also means the emergence of new tasks.

FAQ 小rossroads Lenormand card meaning

  • What does the 小rossroads mean in reading Lenormand?

    The whole point of this Lenormand card is that you must make a choice. You can't leave it as it is. Every day we make a choice and even the little things, like the road you choose on your way to work can determine many further events. This is a map of your special personal journey.

  • What is shown on this card?

    The map shows an intersection and usually two roads. One road is wide and open, and the other is small, winding and narrow. But the road that seems to us free and easy will not always be the best. Often, it means that those people who choose more difficult paths - achieve their goal.

  • What is this card by number?

    The card occupies the 22nd number of the Lenormand deck.

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