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Discover Snake Lenormand card meaning for getting deeper self-knowledge

The Lenormand deck has 36 cards, the same number as a traditional deck of cards, however, it has one unique feature — each card has a special and mysterious symbol that hides a message and can guide you through the many aspects of your life. Such an alternative system of fortune-telling and predicting the future is widely recognized and can be a powerful tool if properly decoded and interpreted. As one of the ancient symbols in the history of the Tarot, the Snake tarot card can have lots of meanings. So to get genuinely mystical and out-of-the-ordinary experiences with the Lenormand cards, let’s explore them.


Desire, Seduction, Deception, Craving, Attraction, Sexuality, Wisdom, Forbidden Knowledge

Snake Lenormand card meaning: upright meaning

There is no single Lenormand Snake meaning and a universal interpretation. It can have an array of messages because in different cultures these sometimes insidious creatures have different attitudes. It is considered a seductress, a symbol of evil and darkness, as well as fear. Sometimes snakes mean renewal and regaining something since this animal sheds a layer of skin every year. It is a wise animal that is considered to have some magical power. Thus, understanding this card may not be a straightforward task. It is worth noting that the card does not always portend serious trouble, danger, or threat, but it clearly indicates that you need to be careful. Do not share your thoughts and plans, be attentive to what you are told.

Snake Lenormand card meaning: reversed meaning

Usually, a reader shouldn't use a deck upside down, but with time, it has changed, and a system differs with the person who wishes to know more and has a desire to dive into the mysterious esoteric universe. Once, a reversed card appears in front of you, you can leave it in this position but still stick to more traditional interpretations. But if you recognize it as a sign, you can try to use reversals since they can help you with your concerns.

Snake in a Love Reading

Upright: there is a rivalry moment in love, and it means the presence of an opponent or ill-wisher who wants to harm your relationship with your partner.

Reversed: disconnection with other people in your life.

Snake When Asking About Careers

Upright: your career path and progress can suffer from a myriad of problems. It suggests that you should be watchful to detect someone who can bring you troubles. So take a closer look at your colleague or work partners. There are people there who dream to deceive you, as the animal depicted on the card symbolizes lies, double-dealing, dishonesty, and betrayal. There is a threat near you.

Reversed: the more rare interpretation may be your hidden striving for transforming and making significant changes in professional life. 

Snake When Asking About Finances

Upright: when it comes to the financial area, the Snake Lenormand card meaning can include the huge likelihood of becoming a target for scammers. It can also warn about harsh competition,  attempts to take your customers or destroy your business. If you ask for advice, it means that you must be more cautious to avoid potential dangers, and don't make hasty and not informed decisions.

Reversed: lies and deceit await you, events may go in some wrong way.

FAQ Snake Lenormand card meaning

  • What does the Snake mean in reading Lenormand?

    Based on symbolism, this card can be interpreted in several ways: negative, positive, and philosophical. Deception, manipulation of someone in a clever or unscrupulous way, cunning, envy, temptations are negative meanings. Positive ones are dexterity, the ability to adapt to circumstances and be flexible, sexual energy, wisdom. The Serpent can be also viewed as a phenomenon associated with esotericism and occultism.

  • What is shown on this card?

    The Snake tarot card is represented by an intelligent, authoritative, and powerful woman.

  • What is this card by number?

    The card has the number 7, and this number is associated with the search for truth and the ability to see beyond the faces.

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