Ring Card Meaning


The symbolism of the Ring Lenormand is associated with the magic of the circle, the Sun, and is also based on the protective properties of the metal - the material it was created from. In ancient traditions, the circle was a symbol of the Sun, peace, hope and happiness. The ring is a symbol of unity and integrity, it is often associated with eternity and infinity. The ring is an indispensable attribute of kings, priests, sorcerers and magicians. A whole ring means the emperor's favor, an open one - his anger.

The very act of giving the ring means trust and authority, the endowment of some responsibilities and capabilities, power and might, as well as strength and protection. The ring is a symbol of vow, connection, limitation, union. Therefore, the wedding ring is used to denote the eternal union of two hearts, as a sign of marital fidelity, harmony in the family. Free Tarot reading and description is available on our page.


Commitment, Promise, Union, Honor, Partnership, Hope, Cooperation, Cycles.

Ring Lenormand card: Upright Meaning

The Tarot Ring is a card of strong bonds, duty, intimate interaction and feelings. Nevertheless, this card is less connected with feelings, and speaks more about the official consolidation of the union. Marriage is a good solution, but what impact it has on the relationship strongly depends on the other cards. The Ring is always associated with commitment and control, or self-control and limitation.

Moreover, the card can indicate high social status, power, especially with such Ring Lenormand combinations as the Lilies, the Bear, or the Tower. Sometimes cards speak literally as a picture, and the Ring card indicates a new jewelry, valuable expensive thing, luxury item and admiration. Overall, this is a good card, and usually everyone is happy to see it in the layout.

Ring Lenormand card meaning: Reversed Meaning

In a negative aspect, the Ring is played as shackles and restraints of freedom. The value of the Ring card is not only union and cooperation, but also the responsibilities that we must fulfill, aligning ourselves with a partner. It is necessary to act harmoniously. The person may turn a blind eye to their interests or wishes due to the partner and may begin to think that he or she is infringed in this union, the human is captured and is not allowed to breathe freely. 

The Ring Lenormand can also speak of physical or mental attachment, dependence, such as the Hanged Man in the Tarot card, in combination with the Cloud card - alcohol or drug addiction. The round shape and closedness of the card speaks of a dead end, a sense of a trap. Since the Ring symbolizes infinity, this indicates a fruitless walking in a circle.

Ring in a Love Reading

Upright: The meaning of the Tarot Ring in love is trust, mutual sympathy, engagement or marriage, strengthening relationships, forming a lasting bond and mutual commitment. In a permanent relationship - a well-coordinated partnership. In a new relationship, the Ring card speaks of reaching a new level, the emergence of some kind of connecting link: living together, buying a car, taking a loan for general needs. If a person is lonely - a new serious acquaintance.

Reversed: With such Ring Lenormand combinations as the Broom - the card speaks of quarrels and scandals in marriage, conflicts, dissatisfaction; next to the cards of the Spit or the Coffin - a very problematic marriage, possible divorce, break-up. 

Ring When Asking About Careers

Upright: For a job his card means taking on new responsibilities, which will require more seriousness and responsibility. Possible success at work.

Reversed: If the person asking is looking for work, he will soon find a permanent place for himself with official registration, the work can be routine, repetitive. 

Ring When Asking About Finances

Upright: The Ring Lenormand speaks of a conclusion of a business agreement or contract. You are likely to have contractual commitments, joint ventures and successful partnerships. 

Reversed: The card indicates financial problems. For example, this is a closed credit circle, when a person cannot pay and get out.

FAQ Ring Lenormand card meaning

  • What does the Ring mean in reading Lenormand?

    The main meaning of this card is unity, marital or professional ties, confirmation of status or availability of responsibility.

  • What is shown on this card?

    Traditionally, the Ring Lenormand depicts a ring with an emphasized status of a valuable thing - a large gem, a three-dimensional piece of jewelry, a beautiful case with a satin cushion.

  • What is this card by number?

    Card Ring occupies the 25th order number in the Lenormand deck.

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