Rider Card Meaning


The most spread Lenormand card meaning of the Rider is news or changes. A cavalier in civilian clothes was often a postman, he brought not only letters and messages, but also all kinds of news, gossip, enlivened everyday life with a fresh stream of information. His arrival was always exciting and long-awaited, giving ground for new conversations. The Rider was also a symbol of travel, a person who came from afar, bringing information from distant countries. In psychoanalysis, the Horseman symbolizes not only strength and movement, but also eroticism. There is a full Tarot and Lenormand deck free reading and description on our platform.


News, Information, Transport, Visit, Trip, Changes

Lenormand card meaning of the Rider: Upright Meaning

The Rider card is considered neutral, because it can carry both good news and bad, it all depends on Tarot combinations. The nature of the news and changes will be communicated by the surrounding cards. The main Rider Tarot card meaning is the transmission of valuable information. The card is distinguished by the fact that it brings news from distant lands. So, the information should go a long way before getting to you. These are parcels, courier deliveries, etc. Maybe someone is planning to come to visit you. Also, a new person will enter your life.

Lenormand card meaning of the Rider: Reversed Meaning

A negative Lenormand card meaning of the Rider indicates indecision, procrastination, procrastination, delays. Besides, the person may have too many connections, which is not good for him. The past cannot be returned. News arrived late.

The Rider in a Love Reading

Upright: The Rider Tarot card meaning in romantic affairs is a fast development of events, but only the neighboring cards will describe the details. Possible acquaintance via the Internet, by correspondence or by phone. The person may also experience superficial communication, nodding acquaintance, freedom from family obligations, sex for friendship. If the communication was terminated, then soon it will be possible to meet, the person will return to you. If there is the Bouquet next to this card, then you will get a gift from the soulmate.

Reversed: Another Lenormand horse and the Rider card meaning depends on Lenormand combinations. For example, if you have the Fox card next to it, then the loved one will try to deceive you. If the Snake fell out with the Cavalier, there is a competitor for the heart of your beloved person.

The Rider When Asking About Careers

Upright: The Lenormand card meaning of the Rider at job is the process of information exchange, business conversations, transceivers, telephone calls and messages. You are very likely to collect the necessary information on your current question. The symbol denotes a business trip and travel. Possible professions: a courier, a postman, a dustman, a writer, equestrian sports, office activity and journalism.

Reversed: Another Cavalier meaning is a missed chance to lead the desired position. 

The Rider When Asking About Finances

Upright: In the material plan, the Lenormand horse and Rider card meaning indicates certain changes, but their characteristics can only be understood by the middle symbols. 

Reversed: The card may also mean that the person may have lost the chance to make a profitable deal, the moment has passed.

FAQ Lenormand card meaning of the Rider

  • What does the Rider mean in reading Lenormand?

    The main Lenormand card meaning of the Rider is getting information and movement, whether it is a trip or receiving news.

  • What is shown on this card?

    On the card is often depicted a rural landscape, a road that stretches in the rays of the sun and a young man that confidently sits in the saddle and makes his way somewhere. Also, an estate can be seen in the distance. The picture may differ depending on the deck. On some cards, there is a country in the background, and sometimes there can be only the road. Pay attention to the left side, the elements that will carry us to the past, and to the right - where the news will come. But the best thing to note and to understand the meaning is where the Rider moves from and where the path leads.

  • What is this card by number?

    The Rider takes the 1st order number of the Lenormand deck.

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